Join Schree & Baby on the hottest internet radio show that everyone is talking about!

Listen as two of the most entertaining and talented jocks in the Las Vegas radio scene discuss whatever is on their mind, or your mind, from their unique and over-the-top perspective.

Come and meet Schree and Baby as you listen to a day in the their life “behind the mic for the world to hear”, no holds barred, and anything goes. Bring an open-mind and a sense of humor and join Schree and Baby as they share their lives, viewpoints and take calls from the fans to discuss whatever is ON YOUR MIND! No subject is taboo! Schree and Baby really know how to mix it up with their own brand of irreverant humor.

Show topics include sex, pop culture, reality tv, home life, special guests, sex, politics, whatever is on their mind and ON YOUR MIND, oh and did we mention sex?! Holla!

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