Thank you to all that cared

Thank you to all that cared and fuck off to the ones that didn’t!!!!!!!

HOLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAA everyone!!! Yes…. believe it or not I AM actually writing a new blog!!!!  I just wanted to stop and thank EVERYONE from the bottom of my heart that showed concern and wished me well when I was DYING from the kidney stones!!! 🙂

It means more to me than you will EVER know the many emails and well wishes that I received from all of you! Not to mention the care and understanding that ya’ll showed my wife as she was taking care of me!!!

As ya’ll all know I have been dealing with these damn kidney stones since May 18th and let me tell you…..they are a BITCH!!!! I am FINALLY on the road to recovery and I am feeling ALOT better!!! 🙂

What you say…..the ONLY kind of vacation that I get is having kidney stones! LOL The minute that I started to feel better the wife started running me ragged! LOL

FINALLY…. to all of you hatin ass fake pieces of shit…. who “PRETENDED” to be concerned about me, with your FAKE sincerity OR didn’t even bother to ask my wife or myself how I was…. well….ya’ll can just kiss my ass!!!! Didn’t need you in my life before the stones and sure as hell don’t need you in my life now that I am STONE FREE!!!!! HOLLLLAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Well….the wife will start pouting if I don’t go entertain her so I will say goodbye for now peeps!!! To the ones that deserve it…..I LOVE YA LOTS!!!!!!  🙂 BABY