Cool Breeze

Holla Peeps! IN THE TRENCHES WITH SCHREE WILL BE COMING BACK SOON!!! hollaaaa!! :-)… Shit. We need some laughs! All this global tension whatchusay? smh…I’m not really watching the news too much…Just enough to get the scoop. The gossip :-)..

Until Laterz!!
Schree πŸ™‚

Donald Trump…A new kind of President?

Hollaaaa Peeps!!! This election is KRAZY! Clinton/Trump… Great entertainment right? Her and her smile and him with his prissy hands (that cracks me up)! Well, that’s it! Hmmm..It almost feels like a “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t kind of situation okaayy???
Anyway, The Trumpster! He can do it!!

Anyway, I’m taking a break from my studies to watch “HeavenIsForReal”.. I figure I should watch it so I can clear it off the DVR… We saw it at the movies, but, I fell asleep.. ha

Going to watch it! Follow me and Baby on Twitter hollaaa!! πŸ™‚

Your girl.. Schree hollaaaa Baby says holla everyone!

xoxo <3 I'll write more laterz!

“Juvenile Delinquent” it just works. !

Holla Peeps! For those of you who were listening to the show the night Baby named me “Juvenile Delinquent ” Well, she has been calling me that ever since. ●●●New Listeners catch up on Archives page! Hollaaaa! Need I say that our show is beyond politically INCORRECT. My show is my baby. I don’t
know about having kids yall. My friend is still here, no kids. Tomorrow MGEE-ZEE flies in at like 830pm Yaaayyy you guys remember Marc. Been my #1Best friend since we were 16 and 18. Through my whole ride. We cannot wait to see him. He was with your girl back in the DAY !

You guys know what to do! Just veg out on the shows on archives Hollaaa!

Ooohhh you guys. I want some of Baby’s cake! HAAA

Gonna go graze then gto bed. Our girlfriend. Is asleep on the couch β™‘