Casey Anthony!

OMG what about this Casey Anothy series on ID. This bitch knows she killed that baby. smdh So cute! Anyway Baby and I will be watching. I will be tweeting live so follow us! You know I gotta keep it real! Tonge and cheek NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT SO FUCKTHAT.. we’re all too dayumed serious these days. All the war all the marching. It’s too much! shit!
Until ioves


Holla Peeps! My readers…I value your comments. I’m really glad that you are enjoying the site!! You know…Pretty soon everyone is going to get #Politicked soon lol…Tire of all the bullshit and let the man (Trump) do his job. Of course we the people are not going to agree on everything! However, we have to remember, her works for US! He’s our bitch if you will haaa…


Hollaaa Peeps! Happy Valentine”s Day to one and all!! Baby and I have had a really romantic day. I hope you all have someone to love this year. I know it sux for some of you. Just go and listen to some of our archives..cheer up! Have some laughs. We’ll be back live soon!!!


Broken Glass…

Holla Peeps! I’m writing this post while taking breaks to jump on my trampoline. Well, I’m not jumping high. I fell down the steps the other day. I ALWAYS wear shoes coming down the stairs as they are cherry wood. Here I had my booties on my feet. First step then. WHOOOOOAAAHHHHHH! 14 steps. lol…I just couldn’t stop. It was funny actually, aside from the bruises on my back. I feel like I got into a car wreck.

Maaan I can’t wait til we go back live! Should be soon Peeps! We would never leave you high and dry. You know that.


My Baby is awake with me!

That just makes my day you guys. You already know. Peeps. You know I have to relay this message to everyone, for real. We’ve lost some really great people recently. Auntie B, Aunt Clina, Tracey M, Diane Wertz, Greg ban Tayan , my good friend La vince. Please know that death is really just a part of life, as we do go on and on. Love you.



Holla Peeps! Man it’s cold outside! I know it’s Vegas. Can’t really complain. Holla.

Baby and I are kicking back, clearing off the DVR. You know how that is! Totally adding the new Celeb. Apprentice to the list.

Totally excited for my neighbor she’s having a baby today! I’m nervous for her! Just part of being an empath. Many of you reading this now ate empaths yourselves!

Until laterz! MUAH!

Happiness is a Choice

Holla Peeps! I’m hanging out with Baby eating some bacon and watching football..I guess you could say, she’s watching the game and I’m at the kitchen table he he. Holla. Enjoying a peaceful Sunday with my love. Peeps! We love and miss you too! We’ll be back soon!!!! HOLLAAAA!!! Better than ever heyoooo!!
Who loves you baby?