Holla Holla Holla!

Holla Peeps! Baby’got these crazy looking muffins rising muffins rising in the kitchen. Okay, I should totally take a pic for our Twitter page. Too funny watching them rise. So good how they taste. Gonna try not to eat them.

Baby’s food is so yummy, however, but, it’s but’s it’s that “feel good, tasty food you feel me? Yes YesTexas! Food is good!


Love you guys! Gonna watch this show about Casey Anthony. What an asshole. How can anyone can anyone hurt a child. Makes me sick.

Until Laters my loves! xoxo

Angels and Rainbows…

Hugs and love to our peeps on the East Coast going these storms, I know and remember those noreasters wait..Did I misspell that? Oh well, you know what I mean my lovelies. I really do love each and every on of you. xoxoxo

Alright! Baby Taped #PetCemetary for me. I fucking love this movie. It’s always good.
Until Laterz

Candle Wax…

Holla Peeps! Happy Sexy Saturday! Keep it sexy all day long. I know I am! I told Baby I want me some HOLLAAAA! #Romance :-)…Code name for S E X…See, when you’re out you can say..”Honey, aftfer dinner, let’s have some “romance”. (air quotes optional) ha. I think that ISIS could do for some romance instead of terrorism. Go and get a girlfriend and stop killing people. As Donald said. “Stop it”. Wait.. THE Donald. My bad holla.


He’s no pussy I’ll tell you that! Someone evem tries to fuck with the USA that’s it. It’s on. As it should be! Here the United States is always there for every other fucking country!! It’s time for America to receive and not lend and lend and lend what the fucking fuck? Donald is tough. We needed a tough President. Hillary just wasn’t tough enough.

With that my beautify Peeps… I will write more in a while..LOVE YOU GUYS!
xoxoxo <3 #love #fun Schree

Stream of Consciousness….

Holla Peeps! Happy Manic Monday hollaaaa! Hope you all are having an awesome day! Make happiness be your choice. If someone comes at you with thegative shit tell em.. ” look, my day is good. Bye Felicia” and keep it moving holla. MUAH!


Hollaaa Peeps! Happy Valentine”s Day to one and all!! Baby and I have had a really romantic day. I hope you all have someone to love this year. I know it sux for some of you. Just go and listen to some of our archives..cheer up! Have some laughs. We’ll be back live soon!!!


Holla Peeps! Hope all is good for everyone! Me? I’m making coffee. Yum! I love the taste of coffee. Coffe flavored iced cream hollaaaa!😎😎😎😎letting my beloved sleep. I love her.


Now all we need is coffee flavored chewing gum. Hollaaaa! Oh! Peeps! Your girl is on #snapchat if you are on , follow my story! Still learning how it works though. One of our surrogate daughters set me up!

So follow y’all it’s fun!

Until laters..

Wax on..Wax Off..

Holla Peeps!!! I love Sundays…At home with Baby..She of course is watching football..Well, she actually ran out to get some football food..


Pizza and Subway! I love Subway. They’ll pit your bread too. All you have to do is tell them.


I just started this OJ Simpson documentary on ID Channel. Hmmm his son Jason does look like him! He wore the same knit cap as was found at the crime scene. I remember that day like it was yesterday. They fucked up with the glove and with Furhman. BAM …doubt…smh..


Anyway..I’ll probably check out some docs, work on some lyrics, check in with you guys in a while. HOLLAAAA!!
Love y’as!


Oh Okay look at the Cowboys! Coming up from the rear against the Packers. Thanks Baby. lol I didn’t know who the hell they were playing. I’m on VR (vocal rest) right now. Recovering from larangitis (sp). Baby loves it! I’ve only had it one other time in my life. I mean to where I’ve had no voice at all. It’s wild as shit!