Holla Peeps! Welcome to our new Blog!

Yay!  I can’t believe I have my own blog!

Hey peeps!!! Hollaaaa!!~~ We want to take this opportunity to welcome you all to the new website!! Baby and I are so excited about the Re-launch!! We hope that you enjoy all of the amenities/ fun stuff we have here just for your “web-pleasure” ;-)… We really have to thank all of you for your patience!! We hope you find that it was “worth the wait”~! You can stay in contact with us day or night, through our blogs and forum!! The new forum!! OMG don’t forget to check that out!! Not to mention the OYM SWAMI!! Gotta love her! Holla at that dude! lolol.. Dianna, you’re a fucking genius! Holla at her!!~~ Also, please enjoy the photo gallery, and all of our show archives! You will have access to shows now, that cannot be found on Alltalk! Holla!~ We’re talking fucking listener exclusivity! 😉 Holla at you!!~~ Hey! Don’t forget the shopping mall!! It has EVERYTHING that you could ever want or need!;-) Holla!  I might have to charge peeps to watch if the economy doesn’t pick up soon!!! LOLOL!

As we move forward into 2009, many of you have been with us now for quite a long time.. It’s amazing all the things we’ve been through together.. Some of you have turned out to be real friends of the show.. And, know that Baby and I appreciate all of your support, and love, as we continue to live our lives behind the mic!! We know who you are..And, we love you back!!!!

To our friends and family, who have been there for us.. Loving us, despite often being the butt of jokes on the show… Your love and patience, and, most of all kindness has meant more to us than words can say!! Thanks for loving us..regardless.. You know who you are! 😉

Let me just take a moment to thank my wife…  Baby.. You mean more to me than mere words can express.. The moment I laid eyes on you, I knew you were the one. I am at home in your heart.. And I promise, that is where I will stay…Forever… You are the love of my life, and I cannot imagine living a single second without you.. I love you sooo much!!!!! OMG!! I thank God for you every day!!!! You are so beautiful.. to me… oh my love….

To my Daddy..John L. Lewis.. RIP.. Daddy, this April it will be 5 years since the sun set on your life here on Earth. You were my best friend, and confidante.. All of the silent jokes.. The way we could just look at each other and know what the hell was going on! LOLOL!  It was me and you Daddy! The twin souls of the family.. May 19th is not the same without you!!! I know that you are here, watching over me.. Catching people in their funny moves DERRICK! LOL… and gently moving me out of harm’s way as I walk through this crazy maze called “life”… I love and miss you dearly Daddy!! I promise to never give up! 🙂

your Baby girl…  “T”…

To Baby’s Daddy!! Thanks for all the jokes!! We love that Pop!! You’ve had a hell of a year! We watched you in the fight of your life, and you did it with dignity, as well as a sense of humor.. But, most of all you did it by Faith.. And you both (mom and dad) are a wonderful example for us.. The models after which we have based our own relationship.. We love you!! Thank you so much for all of your love and support..

To my brother and mentor Butch Lewis.. bro.. I love you!! Thank you so much for always being there for me.. And for always answering the phone, even when you are in the Trenches.. You must know how much I love you and appreciate you for that.. I just hope that you always remember to stop and “smell the roses” from time to time.. It’s important that you do that brother dear!!!

Last, but, not at all least. To our gay family members everywhere.. We are a shining star in this dark universe.. Let your light shine!! Do not be afraid!! Love honestly, openly, and kindly!! Always know that you are precious.. No matter what any idiot tells you! We love you all!!!

To all of you!! We love you!! We’ll keep on rockin’ and rollin’ forever!! 😉
Your girls…..
Schree’ and Baby!!!