Post Show Recap

Last night felt good! Although, I’m NEVER wearing leather onstage again! Thanks D! Love the ITALIAN LEATHER lol.. but.. that shit was HOT AS HELL! How about T’s man! lol.. what u say? shut the fuck up dude! HAHAHA!  It was kinda funny that he had to elaborate on each joke, but, nobody could hear him!! My radar was like.. doot doot doot doot doot BAM! LOLOL Dude was saying how he doesn’t eat pussy.. SOooooo.. I made fun of him LMAO! Come on dude! You don’t eat pussy? What the fuck is wrong with you!

Thanks to JON MULKEY! For coming..he also took a couple of shots! We’ll see how they come out.. Hopefully u won’t be able to see the sweat forming between my tits. I wore a BRA too!! OOooohh what u say? Don’t get used to it.. That shit was uncomfortable as hell! Gotta get my “free flow” on HOLLA!

We had a really good sized crowd!! Can’t wait for the next one! Jan. 3rd. I think that’s the date. Sunday after next!! COME ON DOWN!

Post show recap

ok… We just got home from IN THE TRENCHES.. well, like an hour or so ago.. Hey! I got Baby to announce me ON STAGE! Don’t get excited.. She only did it because we knew everybody there.. lol.. You know Baby wouldn’t get up on stage in a room full of peeps! lol! She was so cute up there.. Then, I walked up and took the mic from her and gave her a kiss.. awwwww!! I won’t do that again though. Kind of takes me out of my “zone” for a minute.. You know.. I melt..

But.. I quickly got over that …. and focused on my peeps…

I love my peeps! Y’all know that! We even put Christmas stockings on all the tables and put lil “stocking stuffers” in there.. We gave everybody lots of LUBE and CANDY! haha! You know how we get down

Don’t worry.. If you missed it, I’ll be giving away more stocking stuffers next week!!

So… we decorated the room again.. I really like doing that! Makes it all  the more personal.. I wanna thank DERRICK for not only helping with decorations and entertaining guests, but, for being there every week.. I swear! I think DERRICK enjoys the show more than ANYBODY!! He just cracks up.. That means a lot.. KEEP LAUGHING DERRICK! IT’S GREAT WHEN I SEE THE LIGHTS BOUNCING OFF OF YOUR BIG TEETH!
SHOUT OUT to THERESA!!! Theresa hasn’t missed a show yet!! What u say? HOLDIN’ IT DOWN! HARD! THANKS GURRRLLL …

oh! and I ALWAYS have to thank my man MANUEL! LOL! He’s great! He tends the bar, and I can always count on him for a laugh! LOVE YOU MAN! 

All in all.. tonight felt good…. TIME TO GET READY FOR “ON YOUR MIND”!! HOLLAAA!!!



OK PEEPS.. Here’s the deal.. I’ve done STAND UP exactly 3 TIMES NOW!! HEYOOOOOO!! OMG! You guys.. I LOVE THIS SHIT! .. I gotta give a BIG SHOUT OUT to my PEEPS AT GOOD TIMES BAR AND LOUNGE!! They’re so wonderful peeps.. I so wish you were here for it..
I was thinking.. How about if I bring IN THE TRENCHES to YOU GUYS! I already holla’d at KEEN.. I mean.. you guys already know the show.. pretty much! lol.. If you listen to the show.. But… I wanna SEE MY PEEPS!! George is boring me.. I need a new start! LMAO! I’m gonna rent a minibus and drive that shit around and do stand up shows.. You know.. start small.. lil bars and shit like that.. I like the vibe there.. My room is a theater room.. With Muriels on the walls.. NEON shit too y’all! The GRINCH .. my man looks BAD! (you know.. in a black girl good way).. holla..
CHARLIE BROWN SHIT!.. Y’ALL KNOW THAT’S MY SHIT! A pleasant coincidence.. I LOVE MY PEANUTS! haha! So, I was stoked when I walked in there last night..
Me, Baby and Derrick decorated the place.. Yeah.. Started doing that last week! Figured I’d put some candy and table cloths and candles on the tables.. The stage is already hooked up! I’ve got like a “living room” set up.. A couple of leather couches, a table.. upon which I put some garland, candies, and a water.. Holla at my man MANUEL! For hooking up the lights!! It’s dark.. I can see the audience though.. I can always see.. DERRICK, BABY, LAST NIGHT, DONALD! HOLLAAA!!! THOMAS.. (MY CHIEF HECKLER!) HAHA! CHRIS.. that means so much! Chris has been to all but 1.. Well, that’s GREAT being as though I’ve only done 3.. But, you know your girl is a fool..!! THERESA!!!  I’m up to an HOUR AND 15! Baby has to stop me! HAHAHAHA! You should see her wrap me up! It’s so funny! You all know me! I could go on all night! I NEVER JUST PUT MY TOE IN.. I JUST JUMP IN THE FUCKING WATER!!  LOLOL!
So, yeah… I think I might really get that bus!
I’m thinking about bringing IN THE THRENCHES WORLDWIDE! LOLOL!