Just got home

HOLLA PEEPS!! I’m hanging out, just got home from kicking it with my peeps at IN THE TRENCHES!!! I can’t tell you guys how lucky I feel to able to do this.. Especially right now! I don’t know.. It just feels so perfect.. Like, this is the perfect companion to the show.. I’m sure grateful for it! And the crowd!! The crowd was GREAT!! GREAT ENERGY!! HOLLAAAA!!!

Just got home, Show #7

HOLLA PEEPS!! I just got home a lil bit ago! SHOW #7!

I SOOOO wish all you guys were here.. I know I say that every week. But, it’s so true! I mean it Cookie gurrlll.. You too KEEN! We’re gonna make it to see you guys!!

It’s such a spiritual experience for me.. IN THE TRENCHES.. You guys.. I get to flow.. just flow.. You guys here the show, so, you know how I get down.. I’m so lucky and happy that the peeps like it!! That hour seems to go so fucking fast! I miss my peeps already! lol I really do! It’s so fun to kick it with my peeps live.. I can’t say thanks enough to GOOD TIMES BAR for giving the opportunity to hone my skills as a stand up comic.. No matter where it takes me.. I’ll ALWAYS be a GOOD TIMES CHICK! that’s IT! ..

I’m thinking about one of my audience members tonight. She was sooo cute! I’ll call her Mizz S.. She was sitting at a table very close to the stage. I could see and talk to them..  Mizz S became the center of many jokes. She was so poised and proper looking.. Reminded me of my Mother in Law.. As I looked at her from the stage I thought.. hmmm.. Can she take it? You guys.. She is THE cutest thing! She laughed so hard at the dick jokes! I even warmed her up to the PUSSY LICKING and ANAL jokes! awwww!!! LOVE MIZZ S! lol HOLLA COWBOY!

Oh! That whole table was a party! We had COWBOY! And my man.. I call him CHECKERED PLAID  lol He knows who he is! lol He was great! you know.. I LOVE STAND UP! I LOVE MY AUDIENCE! EVERY night.. It’s like I’ve had a million orgasms!! Hopefully my peeps do when they get home after! HOLLAAAA!!

THERESA was looking HAWT! In her BLUE DRESS! LOLOL! DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS!! THAT WAS HER!! HOLLAAAAAA! With her strappy shoes on.. OH YOU GO GURRRLLLL!! She’s been my friend now for over 2 WHOLE MONTHS! and I haven’t RUN HER OFF YET! Isn’t that so awesome guys!! LOVE THERESA!

My Baby.. she’s such the good sport.. You know I have to work her into my jokes.. lol I LOVE YOU BABY! IT WAS YOU.. ON WHOM I PERFECTED MY “BUTTER CHURN” TECHNIQUE! HOLLA! oh! what u say? U wanna know about it? you gotta come to IN THE TRENCHES! Maybe I can teach you something! HEYOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

You know what’s on my mind now though? Mizz S.. After the show one of her friends told me that she (Mizz S.) had recently lost her husband. She was right there.. I hugged her again and gave her my condolensces.. In that moment, as I looked into her eyes.. I felt her.. I know she was in so much pain. You guys.. I HAVE to do this.. I mean.. if there’s ONE person.. ONE person who’s day was made a little brighter.. a little funnier.. if the could shelve the pain for just one hour.. I feel I’ve served my purpose.. Light a candle for her would you guys? I know many of you are with your love.. Like me.. and you know.. We dread the day..

Anyway peeps… I’m gonna go and FB and chill for a while.. Catch up on BROTHERS AND SISTERS and HOUSEWIVES with Baby.. Then.. make sweet love with her.. Every day is a gift.. UNWRAP that shit! HOLLAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!


CHRIS! THANK YOU MY FRIEND! you are an AWESOME announcer, and you are ALWAYS sexy! Let’s get that phone tree poppin’!