Bitch needs to learn to knock

HOLLA PEEPS! Check this out.. This was a FIRST.. the other night, after IN THE TRENCHES, I went to the bathroom.. When I went to wipe my pretty nana.. BLOOD! What u say? I had just STARTED MY PERIOD!! Thanks GAWD it didn’t start like at 8:30 or some shit! 10 days early too! dayum Aunt Flo! Bitch needs to learn how to KNOCK sometimes! sheeeiitttt…

So, I’ve been kicking it with the MIDOL 12 HOUR! What u say? NO TIME FOR CRAMPS!! *singing* “i don’t have time for the pain HAHAHA!

Post show recap

This past Sunday was fun! GREAT CROWD! You know peeps, I may have said this before but.. I LOVE MY PEEPS! THIS CROWD WAS ON IT I’ll tell ya!!! GREAT ENERGY!! I feed off the crowd.. They get me all revved up! lol! When I perform.. It’s never about me… I mean, I may be telling you something about myself. But.. it’s always about the audience.. I love to perform! One of my friends..her passion is knitting.. She’s so awesome at it too!! Home girl can make a pair of booties fast as hell! Like in a couple of hours or some shit.. It’s kinda like that for me. She’s been knitting since she was a kid.. As I’ve been performing since I was like.. what? 6 years old? lol You know how it is peeps! We all remember that 1st grade Christmas play! LOL! I really believe that the 33 years of … FUCK! 33 YEARS! Oh, I need to shave that shit down! I’m so AGING myself here! lol.. But, I think back, and I KNOW that it’s all the stage training I’ve had through the years.. That helps me in what I do today! I’m so happy my parents stood by me and encouraged me when I told them I wanted to entertain.. They said.. “Fine.. just give us 4 years of college”.. So, I did.. And boy, am I HAVING FUN!!!! I so look forward to Sundays! Next week is another LVGA3 BENEFIT SHOW!!! Love those guys!!… I’m so sorry I’ve missed their games as of late! Their games are pretty far out there (distance).. and , we have to get to the station by like 9:15 or so.. The times that I have gone, I’ve just thrown in a “best of”.. It’s the only way I can go peeps! Haven’t been in forever though. I’ve been all about work.. You feel me? Since I’m performing 7 nights a week now.. You know.. the radio show, and IN THE TRENCHES.. I promised my family and friends that I’d take a breather every once in a while.. So, once in a while you may notice that a “best of” will play.. That’s just me getting my chill on peeps.. Hanging out with the fam.. Slowing it down.  See, I have to stay FRESH AND VIBRANT for IN THE TRENCHES!! HOLLA! One of my friends from back east brought up a good point. He said that with all the snow and being stuck in for so many peeps, it would be nice if I put IN THE TRENCHES on YOUTUBE.. WE WILL GET THAT DONE FOR YOU PEEPS! OH! AND HOLLA AT KEEN AND SKITTLEZ! BABY TOLD ME WHAT U SAID.. YOU GURLZ ARE SO SWEET..

OH! I mailed my mom the copy of LITTLE BLACK BOOK last WEDNESDAY, and I sent copies for my Aunties and Miss Mary Jo.. You guys know how much I love Miss Mary Jo.. She’s my surrogate Grandma.. And she’s like a hundred years old.. She’s in a home now.. But, she’s doing great! Still kicking it.. I love her so much.. Mom hasn’t called at all to say wether or not she got it. See.. in the past, that would debilitate me.. Make me so depressed that NOTHING mattered.. I’m not THAT GIRL anymore.. Sorry mom! I’m not 28 anymore, and, if you don’t care that I’m getting married.. so be it.. Daddy would be so happy! Baby asked him for his blessing back when were visiting Delaware a lot.. Well, once, twice a year when my Dad was alive. I know that he would not want me to cave in to the depression that she causes me.. So, I WON’T! I have my Aunties and cousins, and friends.. It’s alright.. Plus, does she really need to be there anyway if she’s not gonna be happy for me on my BIG DAY!! I mean.. I’ll only get married ONCE!! smh.. oh well!! Maybe the mail was slow.. HOLLA!

I’ll write more laterz peeps! WIFE SWAP is on and this white dude uses the N word! And the visiting mom is a BLACK WOMAN.. what an idiot.. JOHN MAYER! HOLLA!   

Post Show Recap

Last night’s crowd was AWESOME!! You guys remember JOAN, right? She was on the show last week. Well, Joan came last night with one of her men! This guys was great.. They sat on the couch. I’m so glad we have the couch. Makes it easy for peeps with disabilities.. Joan lives with a lot of pain, and when she came to IN THE TRENCHES before, she sat on the stool. That kinda hurt her a lil bit. Last night though? She really enjoyed herself. Her man was cute. He was an older black gentleman.. They were both great sports! Our man Marshall came with this really cool chick! HOLLA DIANE GURRRLLL!! 🙂 OH! And HOLLA at the two sexy chicks in the back! I’d met one of them before the show. She was just coming through to use the bathroom. Baby told her about IN THE TRENCHES, so, the hot blonde chick was like “NICE! I’LL GO AND PICK UP MY GIRLFRIEND!” I was so happy to see them both out there! It was a really kool night. The vibe.. was AWESOME! CAN’T WAIT TIL NEXT WEEK! IT’S THE VALENTINE’S SHOW PEEPS!!

THANKS BIG MARSH for the CD!!! YOU ROCK MY FRIEND!! YOU ROCK! You guys.. this is such an awesome time in your girl’s life! Thanks for sharing it with me!! LOVE YA’S! I’ll write more laterz!

HOLLA AT THERESA! RICKY! DUSTIN! AND THE GUY WHO FINALLY CAME IN TO SEE THE SHOW! Baby and Theresa had been inviting him since day 1! He typically hangs out at the outer bar and plays games. I’M SOOO HAPPY HE FINALLY CAME IN! After the show I went over to give him a big hug.. He said he was so glad he came! I was glad he came too! He’s an awesome guy! Cute too guys!! I don’t know if he has a man or not, but, he is SEXXY! Black guy! Verrry handsome.

All in all, it was a WONDERFUL night. After IN THE TRENCHES me and Baby joined RICKY AND DUSTIN at THE EAGLE.. It’s a gay bar connected to another gay bar called LIPSTICK.. EAGLE is the guy side, and LIPSTICK is the LEZBIAN side! Holla! So FUCKING AWESOME the way it’s set up! The two bars are connect and you can go back and forth. Ricky and I played PINBALL while DUSTIN AND BABY played POOL.. Then, we all played DARTS.. GOOD TIMES!!! HOLLA AT MY PEEPS AT THE EAGLE/LIPSTICK! Y’ALL ARE KOOL AS HELL! We’ll be back to kick it! DEFINITELY!

Well, can’t wait to see how next week goes! I love stand up.. It’s so unpredictable.. That’s what I’ve always loved about the LIVING STAGE.. The sheer SPONTINAEITY(sp) of it all.. turns me on.. LOL! Life.. is good…

Post show recap

HOLLA PEEPS!!!  We just got home about a half an hour ago!! Tonight’s crowd was eclectic as hell! LOVED IT!! I can’t say enough just how grateful.. WHOA SHIT! PEEPS! I JUST HAD TO POST THIS TO MY FB PAGE! As I was sitting here writing this blog, and, well, you all know I collect PINECONES right? Well, I had one on the coffee table! I collected it when I went up to Mammoth over the summer.. It’s HUGE! LOVES IT! Anyway.. Baby, on the couch checking her email, and, I’m at the computer.. All of the sudden, the pine cone SHOOTS off of the coffee table! Like it was pushed off! WILD! It’s on the floor now! We were both like.. “HUH?” That was so fucking kool!  That’s been happening a lot lately! I mean, one night me, Baby, and Theresa were out.. at like TEXAS STATION or something like that.. Anyway.. we were having breakfast.. Next thing you know.. We were all reading our menus at this time. When, the SALT SHAKER did the SAME THING! From like, the middle of the fucking table! The thing just FLIES off!! We were all three like.. “Holla?” lol! DUDE! IT’S JUST A NAME! I DON’T WANNA BE LIKE CARRIE WHITE FOR REAL! HOLLA! lol! jk.. Deep down, I think that’s my father.. I mean, you never know, right? Maybe it’s one of our peeps from the other side, letting us know they’re here!

Ok.. where was I.. Aside from STILL looking at this fucking PINE CONE! LOL!

Tonight’s show! Yeah! Our boy ANTHONY came with his girl! And HER girl! awww shit! Can u say HOT CHICKNESS!!?? How fucking lucky is ANTHONY?! You guys remember Anthony! He’s been on the show before! Italian guy from Brooklyn! He works near us, and has been a friend of ours and the show for years now.. Thanks for coming out boyfriend! GOOD TIMES!!! LOL “TONY! SHUT THE FUCK UP!” HAHA! Had to be there peeps!! lol!

We had one couple on the couches.. They were kool as fuck! FUCKED UP AS HELL TOO!! LOL! I mean.. My man was feeling NO PAIN.. AT ALL.. His girl was cute! Blonde chick.. HOLLA Y’ALL!! They were RICKY’S peeps! Ricky and DUSTIN were there! Looking cute, as usual.. Ricky was a lil sleepy from the pork chop dinner he made tonight.. OOOHH YUM! Can u say.. “PORK CHOPS AND APPLE SAUCE”? lol! HOLLA! LOVE YOU GUYS!!! He says it was from the PORK CHOPS.. I say.. It’s all THE LOVE!!!  We’ve kicked it with them quite a bit.. It’s so refreshing to see!! I love it when my friends find love.. Doesn’t it make you so happy to see your friends happy?!

Well look peeps.. I’m gonna go and kick it with Baby for a lil while before she heads to bed.. I’ll try to host a lil dance party tonight!! OMFG! I FUCKING LOVE THE DANCE PARTY! I HOPE YOU GUYS ARE ENJOYING IT AS MUCH AS I! OK… THAT SOUNDED FUCKING FORMAL! “UMM.. DO YOU ENJOY IT AS MUCH AS I?? ENJOY IT? THAT IS.. ” HAHA! such a dork.. I am.. haha!