Something special happened 2nite


Well, this week was the NAB convention. On Saturday when I did the gig at EROTIC HERITAGE I had the pleasure of meeting a journalist from England there at AFTERNOON DELIGHTS. He was taking pics. Well, on Saturday after my set, he approached me with some wonderful words of support and encouragement. Anyway. Last night at GOOD TIMES.. The SAME guy came! To take pics of your girl!! I was honored man! I was like.. “woow! really?” Now, this same guy made my day after my set at the Museum, and now, he’s here at GOOD TIMES with his camera and he came just to see lil ole Schree’? Dayum.. that’s fucking kool.  We exchanged info. and he’s leaving for Europe today. He was stuck here cause of all the mess! You know, with the airlines..  I know that some of the pics he took we have in email so, we’ll have to get those up! I was so surprised when I saw him there at GOOD TIMES!! Before he left, he said, that he would see me again next year at this time…  He comes for the NAB every year so.. You know what? I meant to go to that damned convention! LOL There’s always next year.. haha! My boy Clint from Delaware was gonna come out for it and we were gonna kick it, but, with all that we have going on right now, and my boy wasn’t able to book a place so, he just had to scrap it, and I was like.. HOLLAAAA WEDDING PLANNING!


Double standup week!

HOLLA PEEPS! This is my DOUBLE STAND UP WEEK! I LOVE IT!  Cause this week, I have EROTIC HERITAGE MUSEUM on Saturday, and IN THE TRENCHES at GOOD TIMES on Monday..

If you’re in Vegas, you should totally stop by the EROTIC HERITAGE MUSEUM FOR “AFTERNOON DELIGHTS”.. 

Last week’s IN THE TRENCHES WAS LAME! NOBODY CAME OUT! LOL  It was me, theresa, derrick, baby, and tony, and of course Manuel.. Can I say GREAT CROWD! LOL!  I mean.. of course they were! lol! LOVE THEM!

Gotta get peeps in there this week. See, the promotions fall on me at this point, and I’m afraid I’ve been majorly distracted my the wedding and stuff.. Umm.. Maybe I need to get in to the studio to lay down a drop? Yeah Schree’.. lol why don’t you do that.. HOLLAA! Nothing like talking to yourself on the blog! Right peeps! Holla. 

Keeping it real, some nights are gonna be like that. When everybody that was supposed to come out texts and says they can’t make it. Yeah. Before I went backstage Theresa told me EVERYBODY WHO COULDN’T MAKE IT. Now, I’ve had this conversation with her before. Look, I don’t even know who slated to come. I concentrate on the audience that is there. Not the audience who is not there. She said she got it. Yet. She HAD TO let me know who wasn’t coming. That wasn’t the first time either! Come on! We’re about to go get inspired!! And laugh! Don’t bum me out! Ya know! lol!..

I think I’ve said this before no matter if there’s 4 or 14 people out there.. Or, one day 4,000! It will always be the same for me.. It’s about the people I can see who are in front of me who inspire my material. If I start thinking about every tom dick and harry who can’t make it, that’ll just be vapid, angry comic material. Who needs that shit! I mean.. That’s not what I do.. I’m used to it.. You know with the show. Come on. HOLLA OYMINDERS!

Well, look.. George is hoping that the system will be up by tonight. If not, bear with the guy.. ok peeps?


hope to see you tomorrow and Monday! HEYOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Was a really fun crowd!

HOLLA PEEPS!!! I’m sooo excited! My boys from Delaware came out and our girl PREGGERS made it out! Baby Ryan is fine, and mom looks FANTASTIC! So, that’s a good thing. Amanda and her sexy man made it out! It was a really fun crowd!! Everybody just LOVES my boyfriend Manuel who tends bar in our lil room.. OMG and MARTY! LOVE THOSE GUYS!

Hey! I want to thank Beth for the wonderful compliment! As I blush! It’s my absolute pleasure to entertain you guys… I say thank YOU for allowing me make you laugh!! 

Testimonial peeps!

Testimonial from Beeth from our Facebook page:

“Jay and I were sooo lucky to see In the Trenches with Baby and Shree if you set foot in Las Vegas this is a must see show! I was in pain from sunburn and not feeling so well 2 minutes into the show I forgot about all that and had tears running down my face from laughing my ass off!!! This is by far one of the best shows in Vegas! Holla you must see!!!!”