Schree where you been? I had ass issues!

ok peeps.. long story short.. (i’ll save the deets for when we go live  Basically, my asshole exploded and I had to have a hemorrhoiidectomy. So, yeah… I was here one minute, gone the next. IT WAS THE GNARLIEST EXPERIENCE EVER!! Ooohhh.. I have deets (details) AND PICTURES! Yeah, only me.. lol If you’ve been a listener for any length of time   lol (I was gonna for a year or something) but, hell! Hemorrhoids and me.. We were paadnas for a while. Wait till I tell you guys about this shit! WTF! I put my claws on.. Typing sux..  I just wanted to connect with my peeps! MISS Y’ALL!! also .. BIG KISSES to the Cookies and our Vegas family who have been so supportive during this time.. Peeps! That was your girl’s first surgery ever!! Holly? NO SCARS!! THEY WENT IN RIGHT THROUGH MY  ASSHOLE!! HOLLAAAAAAAAAAAA AT ASSHOLES!!!

On the real though.. Remember Dr. Thai? I talked about how awesome he is?? TURNS OUT DUDE SUX ASS!! I MEAN TERRIBLE! AWW SHIT! Man do we ha e a lot of catching up to do.. Sorry peeps! It was kinda sudden. Like CARRIE WHITE for REAL! okaaayyyy??? If you have hemorrhoids or want to know what the surgery is like….just hit me up! lol okaaayyy??? I want to go back live like 2 weeks ago! FUCK! pun intended.. I literally have to take time to heal… My sister Karen told me that.. I’m stoked though! Now I can go back to my dance class!! HOLLAAA!!! I had to drop for a lil while. What u say? Can’t do crunches on the floor with your ass hangin’ out.. smh.. bummed me out. but.. NOT NOW HOLLAAA!!! With NO HELP from DR. THAI! ugh! I’ll tell u all about it later peeps. smh.. all I have to say is.. this HEALTH CARE SYSTEM FUCKING SUX AND WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT RIGHT FUCKING NOW!! 

WHAT U SAY PEEPS..SCHREE’ GO TAKE YOUR XANAX?! LOL SEE! That’s part of why Baby’s like “no” TO GOING BACK LIVE SO SOON… CAUSE WHEN i TELL Y’ALL this shit..?? Hell.. the only doctor I need now is a fucking shrink to help me get over this fucking head fuck of a health care system…

Also.. Big love going out to the family of JAY ROCK.. (Jeff C.) I was devastated when I found out he passed away. Y’all remember me telling you about JAY ROCK.. I’m not sure if it was J. or Jay.. but, we went to St. Mark’s together and he was like THE best breakdancer EVER!! oh the dayz.. Going to the Alley.. (that was a dance club for kids  Anyway.. I wanna say right now.. I am sooooo glad that we got to talk! To laugh. He’d been on the stand up stage for over 15 years.. The time he spent with me on FB.. Will stay with me always.  It still makes me laugh that I thought he was my boyfriend and he was like ..”you were my girlfriend?” “I didn’t know that!”.. I swear, he ALWAYS had us cracking up in school.. You are missed my friend.

I’ll post more now! You know.. ass was kinda sore.. a lil bit.. I know what though! UMM.. HELL MAY FREEZE OVER BEFORE I GIVE BABY THE OKAY TO GIVE ME THE ANAL! WHAAAAATTTTT?! hail to tha naw!

and I really have to thank my BABY and VEGAS KAREN for tha love.. then, there’s SAMMEE and K-DIZZLE.. also the hospital.. they’re my peeps.. Thai just sux ass.. like I said earlier.. DAYUM! I need to get back on…NOW! LOL! 

and a special thanks to you. the PEEPS!!!! LOVE U GUYS!