Happy Thanksgiving! All late and wrong!

HOLLA PEEPS!!!   I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!! Filled with ‘kool’ family and friends.. HOLLAAAAA!!! 

Baby cooked.. YUM! And our friend Karen came over!! GOOD TIMES! Karen brought over her home made Peanut Butter Pie.. (which I had NEVER heard of before).. Peeps….I ate the WHOLE FUCKING PIE! OMG! Baby got like 6 bites out of it.. I want another one! lol! My black ass needs some excersize! Shit! Or some DIET PILLS! LOL

ANyway.. we all went over to SAMMEE’S to see her crib. Holla SAMMEE! LOL! (thinking about her just sittin’ there.. drunk… you could tell she was at that point with her.. You know.  Well, MANY of you know.. *thought bubble* “it’s time to go back to your father’s house now!”… It was so cute.. See.. she pouts when it’s time for me and Baby to leave.. That’s nice.. BUT.. it DID make me re-think my angle of having kids

DID Y’ALL SEE THE COWBOY’S GAME! #11 YOU SUCK! Ugh! We SO should have won that fucking game.. 

anyway.. I’m gonna go grub on some left-overs lol!

Marie Osmond on Oprah Talking About her Son’s Death

That was so fucking sad!! I feel bad for her. I mean. He (her son) had called her like 20 minutes or so before he jumped (from his 8th floor apt window).. When he called, she was being mic’d up for her show here in Vegas (he was in L.A.). You KNOW she feels bad. Like, maybe if she would have talked to him for a while he’d still be here.. Oprah handled it well.. She’s looking a lil raggedy these dayz though! Like she’s drinkin’ some hard shit these dayz! Marie looks great! Oprah even adressed the rumors out there that indicate that he killed himself because he was gay. Well, I KNOW that the MORMON faith does not OPENLY accept us homos

Keepin’ it real… When they showed the pics of the kid. My “GAYDAR” went up.. I was looking at them like… DOH! He’s “family”…. smh.. I may be wrong.. But, I usually know when I’m looking at a gay guy. holla…

If that DOES turn out to be the case (that he was gay) , then they need to change a lil bit! Gays with little or NO familial support are at a 7 TIMES higher chance of committing suicide. Maybe higher.