Miley Cyrus on Camera Doing Bong Hits

Hmmmmm, what a travesty!

I saw that clip of Miley Cyrus doin’ bongs… How old is she? like what 20, maybe 21…. Isn’t she just doing what normal kids do? The teen years, then your 20’s when you do all your stupid stuff.. And we’ve ALL got some stoopid stuff that we left behind in our 20’s.. If not… POOR FUCKING YOU!

But… I did hear it was salvia… that’s soooooo much stronger than weed.. I know.. I tried it before.. I got a sample at the avn a few years back. chiiiiild…. one toke and I threw that shit out!!! that’s hard!!!  Cause you know I’m all about the weed!  But salvia you can have.. That wasn’t for me.. But, if she wants to smoke, toke, or make jokes, she might want to check her “friends”.. one of them taped her… NIIIICE! GREAT FUCKING FRIEND!!

I’m so stoked peeps!

I’M SOOO STOKED PEEPS! MY BOY “WILLATINA” Is gonna be hosting KARAOKE in the outer bar, and I’ll be in my SOUND PROOF THEATER! Thanks GAWD! Shame I had to hear it from THOMAS though! That freaked me out! But, Baby called the bar owner and he said he thought it (karaoke) was slated to start at 9! That’s ok! As long as the peeps can hear me. PLUS! It’s more action at the bar you know? HOLLAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Whacked Out Wednesday

HOLLA PEEPS!! Baby and I are about to watch “SIXTEEN AND PREGNANT” I was thinking.. Is this show going to actually help prevent, or encourage teen pregnancy. I’m just sayin’, you know.. Like.. Imagine Lil Suzy out there somewhere.. Kickin’ it in her trailer and is like.. “You know what? If I get pregnant I’m gonna get on there!” You know how kids think! Especially in this depressed economy.. Some girls may want to get on to help out their families!

Oh, and Please, somebody tell me how the FUCK “The Situfuckingation earned 10 million PLUS this year!! AAAND They were one of BARABARA  WALTERS’ 10 MOST FASCINATING PEOPLE.. You know Barbra was like.. “oh no..’Are you FUCKING kidding me? lol I haven’t been watching this season. I liked the first one.. ITALIANS in FLORIDA.  it’s like “so what!!” They were funny in Jersey!.. Should I waste my time watching it? Is it good peeps? (just hit the “reply” button to post.

Baby is waiting so lemme go and watch this 16&Pregnant… I’m like… WHAT? Who are all these fucking people??!! I have to catch up.

LMAO what u say? I still watch though!! So, DON’T YANK IT! It’s my favorite show! I’m just sayin’ holla

Loving the stand-up

HOLLA PEEPS!! I’m still loving the stand up!! Even when we have a small crowd (which is most of the time).. I find it cathartic really.. I’m booking other gigs and I am STOKED! I’ve been doing benefits and stuff. That’s REALLY fulfilling. SIN CITY SISTERS and the two year anniversary of the EROTIC HERITAGE MUSEUM.. Love both of ’em.. This weekend is AFTERNOON DELIGHTS! So, if you can make it, come on out! It’s a VARIETY SHOW type of situation. Some singers, magicians, and of course, your girl!! AFTERNOON DELIGHTS is held at THE EROTIC HERITAGE MUSEUM HOLLAAAA!!!

This ever happen to you? Oh Hollaaa…

ok peeps.. this is too good no to share. Check it out.. I woke up at like 5:30.. I was like.. “oh! I gotta relax my hair and get ready for IN THE TRENCHES!!! So, I got up, relaxed my hair got a shower. went in to wake up my darling.. I was like. BABY! IT’S 6:00! She took out her earplugs and was like. “and?” I was like.. WE HAVE IN THE TRENCHES! She was like. “TONIGHT!” I was like. oh! It’s 6 in the morning? Dayum!