Stream of Consciousness with a Python on the Side

HOLLAAAAAAAAAAA PEEPS!!!!! I’m just kicking it.. Getting tonight’s show together.

Also, FIRST OF ALL! Thanks to Lady V and George for getting our archives up! HOLLAAAAAA!!

I know with the web cam you all are having a hard time hearing the show.. We’re working on that. Until, if you are a viewer, just open two windows.. One to hear the show, and another to see my crazy ass on screen. lol

OMG! I forgot to tell you guys.. Last night at the station this kool as shit chick from upstairs let me hold her python!!! I meant to tell you when we got back from the break. I forgot..  She’s gonna come on the show one of these night..  PYTHON and all! HOLLAAA!!! I can’t wait.. Baby.. she doesn’t really feel the vibe.. They’re so smooth! I want one! shoot. lol

Anyway peeps, I’ve gotta go.. I hope you’re all having a great day! If not.. Just think about PRECIOUS. you WILL feel better..

love hugs and many kisses….
your girl..


The Superbowl!

I cannot WAIT!! Baby and some of our Texas homies were talking abut it. Texas is just not equipped for this kind of weather.. I mean, like…. Some of our friends don’t even have mittens!! Now THAT sucks..

Wishing all the peeps some warm sunshine..and NO MORE SNOW!