Doctor John Foster

HOLLA PEEPS!!! Thank God for FB.. I’ve talked on the air about him. He’s AWESOME! He was always so inspiring. He was our theater instructor/director for “RAISIN IN THE SUN”, and many more.. You guys have heard me talk about the show we did “My Name is African American”… ooh the memories.

Well, he’s gonna come and visit your girls one of these days!! Hopefully he’ll come on the air. He was a HUGE part of my sanity in college..

LOVE YOU DOC!!! (He told me to listen to that new BEYONCE cut…)



So sweet, we miss you guys too

HOLLA PEEPS!!!  ok.. here’s what I did.. Put the trial on pause so I can write a blog! My Best friend Karen said a while ago.. so cute..she’s like.. “I’m mad at that man!!” I’m like ..who? MARSHALL?” lol You know your girl brings up that old shit! HOLLA! So, she was like.. “NOOOOOO! THE MAN WHO HIT YOU!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE MISSING YOU?”… AWWWW … I thought that was so sweet.

Anyway, I’m gonna try to do this every day. Vlogs too! We have a lot of coverage for SCHREE’ TV we’ll be putting up for you soon…anyway.. if what Karen says is true.. let me tell you guys.. WE MISS AND LOVE YOU TOO!… It won’t/shouldn’t be too long my friends.. Until then, feast on the archives!!! you can get caught up!! HOLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


Stream of Consciousness, yes another one

HOLLA PEEPS!!! HAPPY SATURDAY! HEYOOOO!!   anyway.. I’m watching TRUE BLOOD with Baby.. I don’t know if I’ll EVER  get this show…BUT, I’ll watch it!! I ALWAYS have to be near Baby.. I’m so addicted to her.. ooohohhhhh! in this show, one dude looks real sick!! Do I know why he looks like that? no.. hang on, I’ll ask baby…. Per Baby “CAUSE HE’S A VAMPIRE!!”  WELL, excuuuuse me lol!

they just poured vampire blood in this man’s mouth.. I’m going out to get a smoke..okaaayyyy?? lot of “funny moves” in this show! DAYUM!

Dear Daddy

HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY!! You know you were the best Daddy in the world. You were kind, generous, and most of all, so open-minded. I can still feel your presence in the wind. Daddy Pooh, I’m so lucky to have had you as a father.. From you I’ve learned so much. The world is missing one kind, charming, loyal man. Even when it was “too much” you always were gracious and kind. I’m so confused as to how you left us though. Jute says one thing, then, this morning I talked to Sita and she gave me another reason.. She said that you died from complications from smoking. I just don’t know. I don’t want to cause any trouble in the family, but, I have soo many questions.. I know that you are up there with Aunt Alee, and Uncle Joe, and your mom.. and all the animals you saved. And I know that when I leave here, I will be running straight to you.. You were a PERFECT Daddy….