Just Chilling with Friends Holla Delaware!

Holla peeps! Just hanging out with my friends. They are AWESOME!.
Been I don’t know how I’d bee holding up. I so love them. I’m typing this on an iPad.  Wtf? I’m like Hollaaaa!

Holla peeps. Hope youre all having a great weekend. Im in delaware.  Holla delaware. Ive been flanked by great friends.

Having coffee with marc.  Coffee never tasted so good.

Another day, another way…

Holla Peeps!!! Im trying to fulfill my promise to you all to blog more. I was thinking about doing vlogs..you know..video blogs! Holla.
R.I.P. Bro!!

Holla when the kool wind sways. Holla
Love u guys!

Stream of Consciousness

I can’t remember my FB psswrd…sux.   I’m really hoping that my spine Dr. clears me to fly.. It’s not the flying, but, the landing that can fuck us up. THANK YOU TO ALL THE PEEPS WHO HAVE SHOWN YOUR GIRLS SOME LOVE…WE LOVE Y’ALL!!! If he clears me, I’ll be flying home.. if not….OMG! We’ll see.. I’m sure I can use a back brace or something.. And Baby too!!

I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that he’s gone…To the world he was BUTCH LEWIS… to me…he was my oldest brother and one of my heroes.. I still can’t believe it.


I LOVE MUSIC!!  i HOPE YOU GUYS ARE ENJOYING THE DANCE PARTY! OH! CROSS YOUR FINGERS.. SAY A PRAYER THAT MY SPINE DOCTOR SAYS I CAN COME BACK!!!  (TO WORK) I told them I wouldn’t act a fool! I’d be still.. NOPE! They didn’t buy it.. I’ll do something where I have to bend… then it’s like: “BACK BURN BACK BURN” …..