Dear Big Bro…R.I.P.

Hey Bro!! I was so sad to hear that you are gone from us. However, I know DADDY’S up there with you. Your service (I’m sure you saw it from up there!! It was AMAAAAZING Bro. HOLLA @ LOUISE FOR PLANNING THE BEST HOMEGOING SERVICE!!  I’ll write more later. I’m so glad that I/we got to kick it with you…

I’ll write more later peeps.

Stream of Consciousness

Holla Peeps!!!  I’m in Delaware for a week! I never considered us “small town” but, We Karen, you r sooo right! We TOTALLY are… It’s so nice to see the greenery…our town is so bucolic. I can’t wait to go on a valley cruise!

I have to say..Thank you peeps. Your condolences mean so much to us. You don’t even know…

Ok.. Baby just got up! Yaaaayyy

Although I came home for my brother’s funeral, I have to say…  haning out with my friends…..FUCKING AWESOME!!!