HOLLA PEEPS!! Hope everybody had a great weekend!!!!

Ours was quiet…WORLD SERIES!! Baby explained to me that it’s like the SUPERBOWL in Football….My Daddy loved Baseball!ll!!!! My brother BUTCH and I always thought it was sooooo boring. I’m gonna give this WORLD SERIES a chance…Let’s do it for DADDY!

I love that flick “THE OUTSIDERS” ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES EVER!!! HOLLAAAAA!!! Patrick Swayze was soooo fucking hawt in those days.

Aaaanyway my loves.. I’ve got to work on my fitness…Don’t want y’all to be like.. “WELL LOOK AT SCHREE’! BITCH GOT FAT! lmao!  If you’re on my FB you’ve seen my weight gain… That so sucks!! My Baby and my BESTEST friend Karen say I look fine.. What you say, I’ve got BODY DISMORFIC DISORDER TOO!!!! We can lump it in to one of my many neurosis LOLOLOL!


your girl!!! HOLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Diane Sawyer Interview With Jaycee Duggard

First of all.. What a kind soul! I know, she went through so much shit it makes not a stitch of sense.. The cops had come to that house a lot of times.. They were even in the backyard at one time. I’m just like.. WOOOOWWWW.. She is an AMAZING woman. To not come out of it bitter and just fucking pissed off! She may be, but, she held her composure the whole time. If you haven’t seen it, just go to the station website and you can watch it there. Y’all know me!! I use HULU!!!

Anyway.. It’s a good ending. The abducted child, back in the arms of her mother..

There are so many parents out there with their children missing. smh… WHERE ARE THESE KIDS???? It’s so fucking creepy! Like, how do you let your kid go out and play and NOT feel like YOU (mom) are stalking them.. They’ll understand soon enough.

When I think of us as kids in the 70’s…..I think of great tv! awesome movies.. Yeah, we had the ATLANTA CHILD MURDERS..But, aside from that, I don’t remember all these kids missing… Doesn’t that so piss you off?

JAYCEE’s Mom was on the interview with her. Her Mom’s really pretty, but, you can see what the years of worry has done to her. Looks like she’s getting her “pretty” back.

I don’t know, maybe Baby’s right! Chip our kids until a certain age!! Why not? I know about the child’s rights and all that but, maybe we can ask them when they’re 3 or 4 if they want one.. But, then, you’re gonna have the questions, which, by today’s technological advances, that may be just a part of our world. Shit! I WANT A CHIP! Do you LADIES? Chicks are getting stolen left and right!!

ok… enough of my rambling.. Watch out for the kids!!!!!

Holla Peeps!


I’m just having my 1st cup of coffee….

Hang on a sec! Going for a refill!

Ok, I’m back peeps!!! I’ve got to work on my fitness!!!! BUT….I’m limited on what I can do…..OH that pisses me off!! Like I’ve said before.. Your girl has a real feelin’ for people with back pain..  It’s a MOTHER FUCKER!!!..But.. I’m tough…. lol yeah, okay!

Baby is sleeping…. Oh my sweetness….

HEY! Enjoy the site!!!


Heyooo Peeps, This Ones For you! Our Peeps! Holla Read it!

HOLLA PEEPS!! Hope everybody’s day is off to a good start!!! HOLLAAAAAAA!!!

Shit…Since the accident, your girl ain’t NO joke! lol I’m like “where’s the seatbelt? where’s the “OH SHIT” HANDLE.. You feel me peeps? Holla.

We just had our Bazzar .. NATIONAL COMING OUT DAY!!! Holla at that! It was day before yesterday I think! lol All I know is that Baby and I had a ball manning the station. We could’nt ride on the float this year.. Our backs…Baby’s right foot.. Dayum! I took a pic with this hot brother.. Baby took one too with him! Tell her to put that shit up!

Awwww man.. We had a bean bag toss as our booth .. I played with this severely hot chick… That shit made my lower back burn.. smh.. that pisses me off…

ok peeps! I forgot to take my sleeping pills last night..Well, here’s the deal..I fell asleep in front of the tv AGAIN (and I remember Baby trying to wake me up for bed…and I remember her saying..don’t forget to take your ama.. I was like.. ok Baby.. I’m resting my eyes lol…

So….I’ll be like ZING! ALL DAY!!! Dayum..

I’ma right more y’all.. We love you guys!! I guess We’ve had so many deaths this year I/we want you to know we love y’all… I mean, what would LORI do if we died?? She’s kill us again lol.. But, but for the relationship between the peeps THAT’S YOU and us… it’s tight! Love y’all! I so cannot WAIT TO GO BACK TO WORK.. see? my back hurts now!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


HOLLA PEEPS!!! Hope everyone’s having a GREAT day so far! (ooohh doesn’t that  Me? I’m just starting mine.  Having BLACK coffee out of my BLACK cup!  HOLLA @ BLACK! LOL!!

MUAHS!!! ok..far looks like FART! lmao! Holla at the nasty!!