Happy New Years Eve Peeps!!!


Baby and I are wishing all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s comin’…..2012.. It’s so crazy how fast this year went!

We wish you love, happiness, and good food!

Baby’s got the neck bones and black eyed peas! Slow and low…..we’ve got black eyed peas with ham!

It’s been a  rough year for all of us….Come on 2012!!!!!

We’ve got some friends coming over…I love my friends…The death of my Brother Butch was a real shocker R.I.P.  and I’m thankful to my friends back home whom I love love love! And my friends here. Thanks guys. Love you!

I haven’t read or watched any of the news about his death. I still can’t believe he’s gone. I think he would say I was a good sister…Oh! Yes I did! My friend Kelly brought my attention to all the crap..  I don’t care about his money. So many back home are just fighting over his assets and stuff. SMH. I just want my brother back! But, knowing he’s up there with so many relatives and friends who crossed over before him. That provides me with solace.

Listeners, you know how I had to contend with the death of my Father THANKS PEEPS! YOU’VE REALLY BEEN THERE FOR YOUR GIRL!! Now, Butch. I’m alright though. It would be nice if we could go through the New Year with no family/friend deaths.

I don’t know why I’m skipping a line every sentence..I guess it makes it look like I’ve typed a whole bunch of shit HOLLAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

Can’t leave out my Aunt Nita and Betty Flynn (my Daddy’s secretary and best friend..Extremely loyal!!

Happy Holidays!!!!

HOLLA PEEPS!!!  Hopefully you are all enjoying the Holiday Season!!

Baby and I took it easy…Had Sammee over and ate like it was going outta style. I did NOT eat any of that BUTTERMILK CHESS PIE again! No fucking way!!!  Once I start eating it, it’s like I can’t stop! Like it’s some kinda HQC (HIGH QUALITY COCAINE! Too much pie makes too much Schree’  NO! NO! NO!  I’ll add more later peeps! watching Housewives of Atlanta! HOLLAAAAA!