Stream of short thought..holla

HOLLA PEEPS! The 30th is fast approaching and I cannot wait!!!  You know what Peeps? My back kills after a shower. I’m gonna have to get this laser surgery at some point. The Dr. assured me, no scarring and no pain, so, I’m down.. We’ll see! I’m about to watch TEEN MOM with Baby! LOVE THAT SHOW! I wouldn’t be able to handle it. Those are some brave girls!

Black Power!

HOLLA PEEPS!! You know.. Someone I care about very much said something that kinda pissed me off. holla. It’s not so much what she said, but, more her not getting my show, or us. She read about Baby being a proud white southern woman. THAT’S WHAT WE DO! We make fun of the absurd. Hold a mirror up to society’s face and make us laugh at ourselves. I’m so dissappointed that she didn’t get the joke. How can u NOT get it? Like I would marry someone who is prejudiced. OMG! The WORST part about it? She met Baby! She’s the cutest lil thing. Comes from a great family! She met some of Baby’s family!!! smh. I’m pissed. She was like insinuating that ugh…whatever.. I know she’ll feel bad when she sees this but, that really bothered your girl. Oh, and ummmmmm….Baby taught in FORT WORTH! I WOULDN’T EVEN WORK IN FORT WORTH! Sooo..GET A FUCKING CLUE! Listen to some shows..Get to know who we are…thank you… I still love you! But…Dayum!

And another thing.. DICK CLARK…New Years Rockin Eve… You know why I always say he should give it up? As OYM listeners know.. My Daddy had a stroke. His speech was impeded. It rips my heart out every time he (DICK) goes live. Especially when it gets late. That’s when it’s the worst! So.. ALL COMEDY IS BOURNE OF PAIN! HOLLA!


Holla PEEPS!!!! I’ve got a head cold. Clear snot though, which is good. I just put some VICKS under my nose. Blew all that off and put some VASELINE under that bitch. You know Peeps! You blow and blow, next thing you know, you can’t even touch under your nose it’s so sore. I use VASOLINE for that…GOOD SHIT lemme tell ya!



O-M-G! I am so sick! I need some love..Baby went to bed. Poor thing. cooked dinner for me. I slept through it. Then I woke up, she made me chicken dumpling soup. Slept through that too! LOL Whatchu say, all I’ve eaten all day is an apple! But I got my exersize on this morning!! Before this shit kicked in. Dayum.

One good’s a head cold!! lots of snot HOLLA! CLEAR TOO! what u say? TMI? NEVER!

I’ll be sleeping in the guest room! We don’t sleep in the same bed when we think one of us is contagious. Passing colds back and forth. shit lol

Holla at the Soon-ness! It won’t be long now!

Just got back from working on my fitness!!!! One thing’s for damned sure. Everything happens the way it’s supposed to. For instance. Whenever I work on my fitness, I realize that my body is not ready for the workout I give it on stage doing IN THE TRENCHES. So, the last Friday of Feb. is PERFECT! Remember peeps! The last FRIDAY of every month starting Feb.24th! OYM listeners….the countdown is on!! We will be back on live no later than Jan 30th! Trying to work it out so we can start back live sooner though! But….definately will be on LIVE by 30th!!! Holllaaaaaa!!!!!  LOVE U PEEPS!!