I’m still on a high from Friday night! Wish I could go back! Well, as fast as time goes, that won’t be too long! It’s “TICKLISH TUESDAY! HOLLAAAA!!! 🙂

Time machine
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Before we know it, it’ll be August 31st!!! The last Friday of every month! 🙂 WHATCHUSAY LIMITED ENGAGEMENT? I love it!

Lots Of Love
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There’s no high better than the one I get from getting on that stage! Would love to see you there next month!!

Your Girl,


Holla Peeps!!! HOLLAAA SEXY SATURDAY!!! Right now, it’s women’s basketball…Kinda boring for your girl! I missed Michael Phelps! Gotta get some footage! You know…The Olympics will always remind me of my brother Butch. Every 4 years he would take my nephew BL to the Olympics. My nephew will be on my mind and in my heart as the games continue. I’m sure it’s tough…Big Bro is right by his side as the games go on, I hope he realizes that. The first year is so so painful! Getting past those firsts..Birthday, Going home day, Christmas, Easter and so on. So, my prayers go out to his kids today. My nephews and my niece. I love and miss my family..

OMG! That commercial by AT&T..about the texting? Gets me every time. This guy was reading a text with one word “where”…Now, he’s all fucked up! I know we all love someone who texts and drives. I tell Baby she can only do it at red lights! Does she listen to me? I certainly hope so! My life would end if something happened to her. I love her so much!

OOOHH! SWIMMING JUST STARTED!! I’ll blog more later my friends!!


Holla Peeps!!! Hope you’re all having a great week! FRIDAY is quickly approaching!! I just got out of a nice, hot bubble bath..Aaaahhh that felt so good! Had my coffee and smokes in there with me…Now THAT’S what I call relaxation! I know I know…All but the smokes..Quitting cigs..Just not today 🙂 ..

I swear, picking up a cigarette has to be one of THE biggest mistakes of my life! I started in college..Swearing I would quit when I graduated..Peeps, that was 1992 okaaayyy?? A little late! I’m about to take a smoke break now as a matter of fact! shit! 🙂 cigs and coffee…They go together like peanut butter and jelly! But then you see those commercials and you’re (smokers) like.. Ummm.. “I think maybe I should quit!” I think the ads are very effective! Where they show you the people with no voices, they have to hold this contraption up to their neck to speak. Hits right where it hurts! Plus..Been watching that show “BIG ANG” Love the show!! But her voice! OMG! Wrecked…Hard to listen to..makes my throat hurt just listening to her talk.. Let me stop! I’m freaking myself out LOL..

Aaaaanyway, I’m sitting here topless…just my panties on :-)… I’m starting to get cold! Going to get some clothes on this body!! HOLLAAAA!!




Holla Peeps! Hope you all had a great weekend. Baby and I are watching ANIMAL PLANET. The shows on there are quite educational. I learned about this type of hunting referred to as “CANNED” hunting. Animals such as Elk and any kind of 4 legged exotic animal really, some near extinction, are sedated, and placed in pens. Locked in and hunted. It’s an auction. These auctions are predominant in Texas, however, they are held in New York and other states as well!


Holla Peeps!! Holla Sundays!! I’m letting Baby sleep in..I mean, the tv’s on but…hey! I can’t turn away from this show! It’s on TRU TV! OMG! Can you say WILD! It’s this Repo show..But, it’s better than the other repo shows in the past. (I remember there was a repo show before) … Hunnie, this one ain’t no muther-fuckin’ joke! They’re always fighting people! LOL Classic! I mean, we’re talking body slams, all kinds of shit! But, at the end of the day, seems like they always get the vehicles. So far, I’ve only seen them deal with “rough necks”..These dudes fight for theirs LOL. You’ve got to try it Peeps! It’s awesome! “LIZZARD LICK TOWING” THAT’S IT! Too funny!

OOOHHHH!! “INSIDE AMERICAN JAIL” Just came on! I don’t know what it is with me and these jail shows..”Lock up”, “Lockup RAW”..It’s like, Dayum!

It’s after 1:00pm, and Baby’s still sleeping..She deserves it. I don’t know how she puts up with me. But, I’m sure glad she does! I love her so much. If you heard last night’s show you know I’m eluding to when I say that. But, she understands where I’m coming from, and YES! She has been on many many sets with me, and she is totally supportive of all that I do. But, at the same time, as I write this screenplay, she’s got to trust my casting, and me!..I do try to understand where she’s coming from, and I understand her point. I love her so much… I can’t blame her for feeling the way she does..She’s got many examples..But TRUST! I only want Baby! She’s my wife!! My love!!

I’m gonna think of something special to do for her today!!

Love you guys!!

Your Girl,



The Virgin Diaries–okay..whatever..

ok Peeps, you may have seen this show..”Virgin Diaries”..So far, what I’ve gathered, it’s about these semi hot chicks who have never been fucked, and they want to now. At least this one chick is! She is ready to fuck! She sid she thinks about sex with her man all the time. He knows he’ll get NO test run. Poor guy!

Knight Rider showing some love
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OMG! The guys are VIRGINS TOO!! What a mess! A whole bunch of nerds..kickin’ it with each other…Kind of what most of us did in H.S. But, these people are way older! ODD!


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DARK KNIGHT SHOOTING: You can’t even go to the movies anymore!

Baby and I are watching the news out of Colorado. THANKS GINA! Gina actually brought it to my attention after the show. She had posted a link, but, we missed it. But, at the opening of thee flick “DARK KNIGHT” in Colorado (AURORA), there was a mass shooting. 10 Dead. 1 infant shot at point blank range. Right outside Denver. Now, they’re talking about 30 wounded!

Unbelievable! 10 Dead at the movies! A midnight showing! Families out to have a night of fun! Friends too! No one thinking that the night would end like this. So sad. The shooters: 1 in custody. 1 still at large..

Dude! You may as well turn yourself in! They’re gonna find your ass!!!

(303)695-2600 if you have any information!!


It’s all coming down right now…

14 dead..many children

dude had a rifle and a hand gun!