Gotta make sure y’all know which Friday it is..Esp for my boy Scott V.! He told me he requires a lot of reminding 😉 I’m really excited! I don’t really get nervous. I just worry that no one will show up! LOL This stand up is awesome and I love it! When I started, I had literally performed for one person + Baby lol… He was a photographer from Europe who saw my gig at EHM and came to Good Times! The times I cherish! Now, I have a Friday night at the EHM (Erotic Heritage Museum)..The last Friday of every month…Which is awesome! That’s how we are able to schedule the tour! As long as my black ass is back by the last Friday of the month? It’s all good!! 🙂 … I wanna thank Derek Washington. He came to see my set at Good Times, and said after, you need to be at the EHM..That was 3 years ago! I’m still there, and they show your girl mad love! You all (OYM FANS) would LOVE this place! If you come to VEGAS you have to stop by there!! Hopefully it will be the last Friday of the month!! HOLLAAAA!!!

Time To Get Dirty
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Holla Peeps!! I totally HAVE to put this link up for you! O-M-G !

It’s wild right?! Like, we Americans joke about the “Chinese” food as we sit there munchin-out. It wasn’t until I watched this video that I was like.DAYUM! If you have a sensitive stomach, you might not want to watch..

They talkin’ about Tiger blood and all kinds of shit! Like..it’s not legal. Reminded your girl of TRUE BLOOD okaayyy??

But, yeah! You’ll see! It’s the culture! They eat almost ANYTHING that walks! WHATCHUSY? To us, that’s so hard, But, like my Daddy always taught me! If you go to their country (any country) You should respect what they eat. Daddy was born in 1927. So, he was raised in an era where things were much different than ours today! BUT…Your girl won’t be going to China any time soon holla. I MEAN! WILD!

Until Laterz,
Your girl,


Imbeciles dancing
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Ok…So the Royal Prince Harry got busted again on film partying like a rock star! Who ever taped that should have told him, months ago, so he could have worked on his Royal Fitness.. okaaaayy???

What is odd for your girl is this Peeps..Why was he naked with other people in the room? Do we know that yet? I’m sayin’…I mean not that there’s anything WRONG with that! HOLLAAA!!! But he is the Royal Spare! We’ve all seen the pics..They’re hilarious!! Like, it doesn’t look like he has much game! A lil awkward! I don’t think they’ll go hard on him. I’m sure he’ll be reminded though that, should something happen to William (God forbid) then, he will be King…OMG! Can you imagine LOL Our #1 ally too? It could actually be a good thing! He’s just like everybody else..! I bet he’s a freaky deek! lol You know he is! Slammin’ that Royal Penis everywhere.

Bevis And Butthead
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We know the dude likes to party naked! Holla @ him!
For Prince Harry! Here’s to you bud! Keep your head up! No pun intended 🙂


Your Girl…
Schree’ !

Prince Harry!! Party On!!!

Playboy Bunny
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Why Men are Losing Many of Their Girlfriends to…Well…GIRLFRIENDS??

It’s no secret these days that many men are consistently losing their chicks to other chicks. Not a bad visual actually lmao! But, seriously, it’s like..like…an epidemic.. What the fuck is going on? Let’s analyze the situation..First of all women, by their very nature are somewhat bi-amorous anyway. She may never act on it. If you would have asked either myself, or Baby 20 years ago if either of us would live out our lives together in love, we both would have said “yeah right”..So, first off. It’s important to remember that people are “souls, not sexes”. Women are nurturers, men, hunter-gatherers.

It’s not a man’s fault if he comes home from work all grumpy and rude, and you (the female) come home..not mad, actually excited to see him come home. We are wired differently. You may have had a harder day than he did! But, to him, the sky is falling. LOL it’s okay! Testosterone can be a bitch! Not always the best logo piece for your Estrogen at any given time. Now, if you fuck him, and everything is fine after. You have an issue. You (the female) has cured his ills, but..what about yours? ENTER…BEST GIRL FRIENDS LOL..smh..see, this is where the shit can get a lil tricky! I mean, you love him, and you would die for him, but, you are emotionally spent. Let’s keep it real! Some women are high maintenance emotionally. That’s not wrong, especially if she’s given you children! Guys..the sex can be great! I mean she may even stand on her head and let you her upside down! But, she may experience fluctuations emotionally and may just want you to sit next to her, look into her eyes, tell her you love her..Just because…

She might just start slobbing your knob right there! Cause you gave her some nurturing.

Cause if you don’t, she may just show some time with her “girlfriend” you feel me?

Cat With Beer
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HOLLA PEEPS!! LOL OMG! You have GOT to take a minute to watch this show! It’s a trip! It’s near
8 MILE!! The people comin’ in to PAWN ARE NOT PLAYIN! LOL Shit, in these times ain’t no shame in straight pawnin’..shit…We’re all in the fucking trenches..Together!

OMG The boss’ daughter is a bitch!

One guy came in with what was obviously stolen stuff..It a whole huge set of tools, and he just got out of jail the day before..come on! lol That was funny.

hang on..lemme see if I can find a clip HOLLA!



I remember, as I sure many of you do as well..Especially id you grew up on the coasts. I remember..It was Atlantic City (back when they had tons of rides) Before Donald Trump took over. lol I LOVED IT! Hanging out on the boardwalk..

It was always one or the other.OH! and let’s not forget Coney Island! Okaaayy? I was always there! I even had the shirt that said “Kiss Me, I’m Italian”…umm..holla? lol it was the thing! Good times in the 70’s. It was either me, my mom and Dad at our beach house in Atlantic City, or, it was my mom, her sister, My Aunt Lettie, and my cousin Amir. GREAT TIMES! Aunt Nita and David would come too! Oh the memories. My Aunt Nita taught about not putting my ass on a public toilet. Well, she kinda barked it at me, but, that was her! I miss her so much now.

Anyway, so, I’m watching this SHARK WEEK, and I’m like..WHAT THE FUCK? Me and Amir would be out in that water DEEP! Until we were treading. I can see it like it was yesterday! Never once did we think about sharks! Even down at my brother’s beach house..I love the ocean..Anyway, I was swimming far out in the water, when I hear this whistle, I turn around..There’s Butch, in his silk jammies holding binoculars.. He knew about the sharks! I’d give anything to get that moment back.

i could say
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I have many siblings and LOTS of family and a grip of good friends.. Here, in Vegas, and at home in Delaware! LOVE AND MISS YOU GUYS!! Know that! I’ll be home soon! For a visit, not a funeral..Seems like that’s the only time I go home, like, the las time? When my brother Butch died. I need to come home and see my Peeps back East! BUT! You guys have to come to Vegas too!! 🙂 🙂

Bevis And Butthead
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