7 Sunday Facts (7 facts you might not know about me) HOLLAAAAAA!!


1) I’m Catholic, however, I love reading books about Buddhism.

2) My favorite book is The Bible

3) I didn’t leave home until I was 26 years old

4) I love people! Being overly friendly has kicked me in the ass more than once (Hey! I learned from it! Consider them learning experiences) Thanks Mom (biolical) for teaching me that.

5) I really don’t have any hang-ups..it is what it is…

6) I’m humbled and amazed at the reception of “Love Lullabye-Baby’s Song) With all the hate in the world, maybe it will spark a lil love…yeah..That’s it…

7) I love talking to the fans! OYM (on your mind) is like a family. I’m glad that the show is back in the right direction again

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Breaking Amish

Holla Peepz!! BREAKING AMISH is craaazy! It features like, a grip of Amish kids and 1 Mexican Memonite (she was adopted holla). Anyway, you know how they get to go wild for a while when reach a certain age? Well, these people are in NYC! What the fuck? NEW YORK CITY? So, they went from horse and buggy to the concrete jungle lol smh..That ain’t right..OMG! And they are wearing their AMISH clothes! Asking people for directions! I’m tellin’ you, that was some funny shit! They call the way we dress (ENGLISH). They’re drinkin’ wine and one girl is trying to model, one don’t have no teeth! It’s a scream!

Bevis And Butthead
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Your Gurl,


HOLLAAA PEEPZ! That was actually a mistake. A typo..Then I looked at it and said to myself “Self, that looks pretty kool! So Hollaaaaa!! 🙂 Thank GAWD we got internet access back! It wasn’t even just our neighborhood! My surrogate Mom couldn’t get on either! She lives a good distance from us too! That so sucked! I was trippin’! Especially during “BREAKING AMISH”.. I was thinking about y’all..No worries! We’ve got tonight babe..Just like that song HOLLAAAA!!

Speaking of songs, we just pressed and labelled more copies of “LOVE LULLABYE” I can’t thank you enough for supporting your girl!

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Also, thanks for your thoughts and prayers for our Aunt Bertie! Thanks to my sister and Aunt Lettie for keeping me in the loop! Baby and I were ready to head east at the drop of a dime! We may still! Gonna call my Sis or Auntie and see how things went today! When Aunt Bertie went in for surgery she between stages 2 and 3. Now..it looks like they got it all.. Cancer so sucks. Thank you guys..We love y’all..You know that though. 🙂

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ok holla Peepz! I got company! 🙂 Vibe with you tonite! Can’t wait!
your gurl,

P.S. Thank you Brent! We love you!

Happy Whacked Wednesday Peeps!

HOLLAA PEEPS! Hopefully everybody is having a great WHACKEDOUT WEDNESDAY!! HOLLAAAA!!! Woke up with a hurtin’ arm. I’ve ran into a lot of people who have or have had a torn rotator cuff! I’m no pussy though..Well if I turn my left hand or lift my shoulder??? PAIN!! Brings me to my knees kinda pain! Sometimes I do take my pain pill. But, I don’t really like it, but, sometimes, the pain is so intense. So, to all of you with a torn rotator cuff…I feel you! HOLLA!

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I’m sitting outside looking at the pretty pool and hot tub. Get some inspiration! Been working on my Autobiography. Changing names to protect the innocent. This book is about ME and MY LIFE! So, calm down everybody! If you played a significant part of my life, I will be contacting you to ask you if you want your real name in the book. HOLLAAA KARY! (she was excited! love her!)

Woke up with my Aunt Bertie on my mind!

Xoxo Hugs And Kisses
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She’s such a good woman. I hope God/Godess keep their hands on her!

I believe!


HOLLA! Gonna keep praying, and hope you all will keep sending up those positive vibes! She knows that we have all our Peeps sending up thoughts and prayers. Gonna keep on checkin’ in on her. Pancreatic Cancer ain’t no muther fuckin’ joke! But, I know God can do all things so, in Him I put my trust.

Can’t wait to hang out with the Folks today! You know, It must have been what? 5-6 years ago? My father-in-law was told he has 2 months to live, and guess what, he’s here in Vegas with Mom! Right now..So, don’t ever lose faith! Only the Man upstairs can call you, when it’s your time. <3 <3

Your Girl,

Well, that sucked!

I had a glitter “I LOVE YOU” In there for Aunt Bertie! Didn’t read and I cannot for the life of me find the “edit post” button.. That’s alright, I’ll figure it out 🙂 Still figuring things out! SURPRISE! HAHA! Watching INTERVENTION with Baby.. I think this dude is shooting up pills! oh! Kool! There’s 2 stories! The other one is about this chick who’s parents fucked her up mentally. She wasn’t nurtured. She moved out at like 16 and was doing heroin. Dayum! Intervention is such a great fucking show! I mean, I like the hard core junkies! Like, the ones who are falling asleep standing and shit lol! Now THAT’S entertainment! Or, like the lady drinking the Listerine and hiding it from her husband lolol! That was so hard. Brb.. going to lay down with Baby. Gotta get re-positioned HAAAYYYY!!!! 🙂


Holla Peeps! I hope you enjoyed tonight’s show!! You know my management team is keeping me off live, because of some really awesome news! I just can’t publicize it yet. And YES it’s killing me! They know I would HAVE to tell you if I were on the air! I would too! Hey! We’re tight with the Peeps! My Aunt Bertie goes into surgery in the morning, so, please Peeps! Send some good vibes her way! Thanks to those of you who have so far! Just found out yesterday. I’m so glad I talked to my sister (biological) My “mother” would have let me just go on, not knowing.. Then, another email…Thank you GOD! It’s really hard when a relative/friend dies and I’m so far away. Baby and I are blessed that we’re in a position where we can go! Baby’s parents will be here tomorrow! I love them so much. They’ve been so loving and accepting of us. I don’t think they understand it lol.. No, they know..all they know is Baby and I love each other.. Her Mom is so encouraging towards us too! She wants to see “IN THE TRENCHES with SCHREE”…umm NO WAY! Baby’s parents are Southern Baptist! She would pass out!  LMAO!  We’d LOVE to take her to the Erotic Heritage Museum! It’s such an awesome place! We love our Peeps over there!  Don’t forget to pay them a visit!!! 

HHhmmmm.. I’ll have to tame it down for Aunt Bertie! She’s Baptist too! I hope she waits for us! *praying*


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She’s such a good woman..Why do bad things happen to such beautiful souls? 

Anyway my loves…You know me and Baby love you! We couldn’t ask for better fans! We love y’all!!!

One good thing, I’ll get to see family and friends! And Aunt Bertie just might make it!! 🙂




It’s difficult to understand how a little show about one of the most benign of topics. WEED! HOLLA!
I’m sure not many of us even thought we’d have a hit tv show about Americas largest cash crop. One night, one of the Peeps called in and was like…”Schree’ do you guys (Baby and me) watch ‘WEEDS”? I was like “no”..We hadn’t seen it at the time. See! See..we learn from y’all too!  So, after many (2) seasons we decided to rent the whole season. It was after my surgery. NO MORE BUT PILLOW! Love that thing! I mean, I know you all remember when I was going everywhere with it. Don’t wait if you’re starting to get the rrhoids! I had the surgery, and it is a bitch! I mean, you need help with everything! 

Awwwww!!! WEEDS is ending.. I’m sure I’ll be able to catch it again.  It was alright for a finale (Baby said)…She should so write a blog about it! Baby’s a fucking GREAT writer! 

HOLLAAA TRUE TV! I love this channel! When I was in college I just knew that I was going to go to FBI School and be in the FBI.  My teacher discouraged it. Actually, she was like “THAT’S A STUPID THING! !FEMALES GET KILLED IN THE FBI SCHREE”!  I was like..hhm.Hannibal movies and stuff!..I was like.. I’m good. holla!  I might not be as sharp with a gun with Clarice Starling. LOL You know what I mean?

watching the pawn shop show now! “HARDCORE PAWN”  That shit was on just a few hours abow..But, We were dance partying! HOLLAAAAA!! 🙂




Ranting about a bitch who chose to not to fucking shut the fuck up and listen…

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Haha! Holla Peeps… I just had to eliminate a “friend” from my FB page! I feel lighter. She had so much negative energy. Y’all know I don’t like funny moves. She was someone who was a true friend. FUCK THAT SHIT! Bitch comin’ off on the FB like she’s getting smart with your girl. Y’all remember, the bitch that called in from EGYPT? Her and her damned Cartuches. I’ma send mine back! Or pawn it! lol I’m funny like that! The energy that goes into something will stick to you and there you go! Bad mood! Don’t know why? Why? NEGATIVE ENERGY! DELETE DELETE DELETE! Thanks Karen. I’m almost a pro at it.. You know me!

Anyway..ummm…girlfriend better just know NOBODY CAN OUT BITCH ME!! See I hadn’t seen chick in a while! I take shit from NO ONE! If I’m wrong, it will elicit. if not? Just chalk it up to a learning experience. Now what bitch! And like I said..If she comes at me wrong, it won’t be pretty, cause see, I don’t need the internet to tell you just what I think of you. You and your bulb nose.

I will say though! Today was a great day! I didn’t see that bullshit when I got home.


George Zimmerman..Murder or Mistake? Did Trayvon Martin have to get murdered?

Holla Peeps! I’m sitting here watching Dr. Phil. Trayvon Martin’s parents are the guests today. As well as Trayvon’s brother. He looked a little older than Trayvon, but, it’s hard to tell. You know with black men it’s hard to tell! His brother was sharp! Great manners. Wonderful parents! Dr. Phil asked the Dad a bunch of questions because the dad was blaming himself for not being there. Dr. Phil told him there’s no way he could have known. Survivor’s Guilt. The audience applauded the Martin’s for being such great parents, as was reflected in their living child. Audience members are in tears. Both parents really wish they were there (When the tragedy occurred. The mom wishes he would have called him for a ride…She said “his only crime was wearing a hoodie, and buyng skittles, and iced tea. OMG! Dr. Phil has everybody in prayer! Even the audience has their eyes closed. That’s deep. Shit! I’ma close my eyes too! ok.. their eyes are open now. They’ve gone to a break…Y’all this is so deep! Dr. Phil said he can see in them strength, and they will not have a nervous breakdown.. How the hell does he know? I mean, he was like “I forbid it!”…I was like dayum Dr. Phil lookatchyou! Forbidding emotions! That’s hard. I feel bad for the parents! Before I write anymore, I’ll have to listen to more of this show. I love Dr. Phil….Baby too! oh… Cause he’s from TEXAS… Dayum…

Oh shit! The show’s over! That was a fast hour! #trayvonmartin on Twitter

Big And Small Hearts
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That guy…the Zimmerman guy.. He didn’t have to shoot that child. He will have to carry this on his heart for the rest of his life!