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HHHHAHA! Nice on the eyes, right? holla.. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was like NIIICE! lol Y’all know me! I don’t know! Maybe there’s something wrong with me! (well, we all know that)! ๐Ÿ™‚ hhmmm. I forget what the hell I was gonna say!?&%^$# ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t you just love it when that happens? Whatever.. Maybe it’ll come back. If not, it wasn’t important ๐Ÿ˜‰

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You know what? I wonder if my family ever read my blogs?? Well, in case they do! Holla Family! I love y’all! Ever one of you! Savannah! Brandon, Gail!, Sita lol miss you girl! All my Peeps on my mom’s side Holla mom, Aunt Bertie! Dione, Bonnie, kim, Lettie!! If I don’t make it home for Christmas, know that I am there in my heart. HOLLAAAA!! FAMILY! LOVE YOU! T.

Ok Peeps! I’ll write more later!
Until Laterz,
Love you guys!
Your girl,

Morning Glory

Holla Loved ones!!! Yes, I’m talking to you! I’ve got HLN News on in the background..They’re talking about the murdered dolphins we talked about the other night on the air.. So fucking sad. Whooo does that? Who in the hell MURDERS Dolphins? Oh, this world… That’s why it’s illegal to feed them in the wild. Because, they’ll trust humans, and sadly, human are killing them. So sad. DON’T KILL “FLIPPER”! It’s just not right!

best wishes
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That’s for the Dolphins…Fuck their murderers..assholes!

I’ve got to go read about this Lindsay Lohan fight in the club! Somebody was talking shit to her, and she started punching this girl in the face over and over again.. HOLLA! YOU GO LINDSAY!

OOH! they’re talking about the “reply all” button on FB and how this poor college student’s financial aid info was sent to 40,000 students at NYU! He meant to only send it to his mom.. Dayum..that’s hard.

Well, my friends..
Until Laterz,
Your Girl,


Holla Peeps!!! Hope everybody’s having a great day! It’s “HUMPDAY” !! Try and hump your love today HOLLAAA!!

Hump…Bump…same thing holla! I swear, I started this blog this morning. You know how it is..Holla at savin’!

OK!! The “all day blog” lol
I just got the go ahead to announce my new comedy venue!!

Sun-Thu 11am-2am Fri&Sat 11am-4am !!! 5900 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89146 I TEL(702)776-8000
Las Vegas, NV ยท

How fucking awesome! A Hookah Lounge!! GOTTA LOVE IT!! I’m so fucking excited right now! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Bevis And Butthead
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Holla Peeps!!! A new week is upon us!! HOLLA-WOO!

Bevis And Butthead
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I was just reading the NYP reviews of “LIZ & DICK” ! WooowwWWW!! BRUTAL! I missed it last night. It comes on tonight so. That’s awesome! It’ll be over before OYM..I will give my honest opinion. I like Lindsay Lohan! She’s only 26! I was like..DAYUM! I mean girlfriend got panned from head to toe!

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Hollaaaa! Baby’s awake! ๐Ÿ™‚ That always makes my day!
Well Peeps!
Until Laterz,
Your Girl,

Waking up in Vegas.. :-) HOLLAAA YOU KNOW YOU LOVE IT!

HOLLAAAA PEEEEPSSS!!! Nothin’ like “waking up in Vegas”! .. I love it! Best city in the world!

Such a great fucking song! (Dancin’) HAAAAYYYYYY!

Then..back to the reality of Sandy.. I know there are people ready to get out here! Shit! We have a beach right down the street at MANDALAY BAY BEACH… holla. Come on out! They are basically giving away houses out here! It’s awesome! Anyway..

Holla @Oprah Winfrey having my boy Justin Beiber on today!..I think it’s today! Holla! Anyway I can’t wait!


<3 Until Laterz Peeps
Just want to show you some love..Gonna go get my coffee on! HAAAYYYYYY! SWAGGYYY!

My Sister and Me…

Still feeling great about the trip to my sister’s! Especially since back in the day my mom would say to me “Stay away from my family”..I would say “They’re my family too!” LOL You know? Don’t let anyone alienate you from the people you love. I’m looking forward to seeing the pics!

Abe Simpson
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My brother Pedro left after dinner. He doesn’t like to say goodbye.. He never has. I think it’s a little gay if you ask me! What? Sneaking out like that. now I didn’t like that. I know he works 9-9 in the car business, it doesn’t give you a right to just leave your kid without saying goodbye. It was cool though, cause I got to hang out with him and catch up! I love him so much! What a great kid. I said, (I think I did lol) it’s kool to be talking to my sister again.

I’m gonna make it a priority to talk to her regularly.

Friends Forever
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Until Laterz,
Your girl,
Schree HOLLAAA!!