How will you spend your last few hours of 2012?

Holla Peeps! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! In a few hours now, people all over will be getting fucked up and partying from the East Coast to the West! BUT…How will you spend these last few hours? 2012 was such a turbulent year in so many ways, more than likely, most of us are more than happy to usher in a new year! Me? I’m going to be listening to music..kicking it with Baby..Having a pizza…We will watch the strip from home. We always do! LOL! Too many fuckin’ people! I can’t wait to hear from my boi! He just has to have the strip experience. I’m excited to hear how he liked it! Gonna be looking for him on the tele. 🙂 Plus, it’s FREEZING out! Well, for me it is! haha! Baby doesn’t even wear a jacket! NOT ME! I do not like the cold!

Anyway..I just wanted to throw that out there!

Everybody have a GREAT NIGHT!! HOLLAAAA!!
Your girls,
Schree and Baby

Soda Can Head!

HOLLA PEEPS!! I hope you all have a great NEW YEARS! Be safe!! Can you believe it’s fucking 2013? WTF? Time does go so fast. You have to cherish every moment. So HAVE FUN TONIGHT!! GET FUUUUCKED UP! HOLLAAAA!

Baby is passing yet another kidney stone. She’s a champ though when it comes to pain! I mean, yeah, she”s in extreme pain, but, she’s got a cluster, so..I introduced her to seafood, and she liked it! I’m pretty sure that’s the culprit in her diet. Baby loves crab legs! I feel like it’s my fault….Poor thing!

Welcome To My World Pink
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So, my Boi is still out here! Can’t wait to see him! Gonna take him to my new comedy spot at some point before he leaves. He saw IN THE TRENCHES when I was at GOOD TIMES! He, and our friend Keiffer! LOL “I SEEN YOU WITH KIEFFAAHH!” Holla Teen Mom…That’s my shit right there! holla lol

You know, it’s really hot that Baby can handle so much pain…I think she should definitely carry our baby..holla

Until Laterz my loves
Your Girl..

Huh? What?

Holla Peeps!!! Today was such a great day! I hope yours was as well… I am in love with my blinged out mouse by AVON! It’s so cute! So me! It’s pink! You can still get it! 🙂 Baby and I are watching “Sin City Rules”.. Gotta love Sunday night TV! We do!! Dexter, Sister Wives, Sin City Rules! I hope I don’t fall asleep!

Tomorrow night is gonna be CRAZY on the strip! My boy M.G. wants to be out amongst the madness.. In all the years we’ve lived in Vegas, we’ve stayed in! There are like what? 3 million Peeps on the strip? 😮 But, I might do it for him. Baby might stay home though. LOL.. She knows I’m in safe hands.. It’s a jungle out there! But, a fun one! He’s here until Wednesday! HOLLAAA!

Kitten And Chick
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I know everybody’s blogging about Kim Kardashian being pregnant, but, I’m too self centered.. Rather write about myself 🙂 lol

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Until Laterz,
Your Girl,

Stream of Consciousness ;-)

Fa La La la La La La! 🙂 HOLLA PEEPS!! I’m listening to music (go figure) 😉 … Terminator 1 is on the television. Baby and I rarely get a chance to just sit through a good movie. My attention span doesn’t help. Like right now..I’m supposed to be watching this MOVIE!

Bevis And Butthead
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The scene with a naked Arnold makes me want to hit the floor and do some ab work. I want that consistent pain. It’s good! 🙂 If you’re doing them with me during DANCE PARTY and you haven’t seen results, that’s okay, you’ll feel it from the inside first! 😉 You’ve got this! I find it easier with music! It’s more fun!

As we speak, I’m adding songs to my FB page HOLLAAAA!! I’m gonna head and hit the floor! My boy just called!!

Were Crazy
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Pumpkin Head

Holla Peeps! Had a great time with my boy today! He landed late, and the time goes so fast in Las Vegas!

Baby and I are chillaxin…Ready to get to bed so we can kick it again tomorrow! Yesterday was his Birthday! The celebration will continue tomorrow! HOLLAAAAA!

Heya Purple
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drama free zone
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Well my loves..I’m gonna go hang out with Baby…She’s watching that show where they send troubled teens to a strict household..

Me? I wanna finish that Amish movie on my FB page!

Still Lovin You
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Your Girl,

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Music Music Music

HOLLAAA PEEPSSS!! Here’s to wishing you all a safe and happy holiday to all of you, your families, and friends. Still, our hearts are heavy for all of the victims of Hurricane Sandy, and, of course, the citizens of Newtown, Ct. I’m sure it was beyond difficult for them.

It sure would be nice if we could get through a week with no mass shootings! They are never fun to report. Especially when it involves kids… smh…It’s just sad!

Well, on a lighter note..I think today is a good day to start on my ab work again.. Gonna do DANCE PARTAAYYY!! So fun! I NEED music! I think most of us do! HOLLA DPP! (DANCE PARTY PEEPS) Follow us son Twitter to get on the party train! 😉

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Ok Peeps! I’m gonna get some work done, then, we can get our party on! We’re live tonight so! Vibe with you then! MUAH! LOVE YA’S!!
Your Girl,

Oh! I almost forgot! Some of you have emailed me asking if it’s too late for you to get “Love Lullabye”..Of course not! We’ve made it extra easy for you to purchase now! Many more options! Remember! It’s personally packaged and signed by your girl! Special! Just for you! xx <3 <3 Thanks to everyone who has purchased one..<3 <3 <3 CY! Thank you! You bought 5! *muah* It’s all about the love. Locals! 10 bucks!

SIX Facts Sunday! (things you may not know about your Happy Host!) :-)

Ok Peeps! Here ya go!

1) I was a Promotional Spokes Model for about 20 years! I was also responsible for training them 🙂

2) In college, I was Junior Class President

3) I will ALWAYS stress the importance of an education.. xx <3 (You’re never too old either!)

4) I love salad with Italian dressing! YUM!

5) I’d rather be hot than cold anyday!

6) I eat my chili with steamed rice 🙂

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Until Laterz,
Your girl,