Holla Peepsss!! Hope you’re all having an awesome day so far! Here in Vegas, our day is just starting. It’s so beautiful out here. Sending positive vibes to those of you caught up in these Winter storms. Here! This outta cheer you up! hhhaaa! πŸ™‚

Take the stairs, girls!
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BOOBS RULE! I need to get me some of those! πŸ™‚ Baby likes my boobs just way they are. I swear I stopped growing (boob wise) in the 7th grade! That ain’t right!

Hypno kitty
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Baby is still sleeping..Don’t forget! I’m Marge, and I’m in charge! We’ll see how she feels tonight! It’s turned into a night time cold! You know, where you feel okay during the day, but you feel like super shit at night. If only she would eat some white onion!

Make love not war
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Anyway Peeps! You know I’ll be around on FB and TWITTER!
Until Laterz
Your Girl,
Nurse Schree’

Bevis And Butthead
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HOLLAAA PEEEEPSS!! Happy Manic Monday!! Baby’s just come home, and we grubbed on some KFC! They have this slammin BBQ Chicken sammich too! Of course I had to get my wings! HEYOOOO!!

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We are so grateful for you all, and your well wishes for Baby!! Marianne! Thank you so much for calling! Good looking out! We love all of you so much! We have the best fans!! We love our audience.

Still Lovin You
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Long Island Medium is on the tele right now. This Theresa is awesome! Good show! Baby is so cute laying on her couch. She’s been rippin’ and runnin’ all day! I’m so excited about the new additions to OYM Productions!! WORK WORK WORK! Y’all know how we roll.. Always workin’. Oh! In addition to the fantasy phone talk business that we’re launching, I’m working on another show in addition to “IN THE TRENCHES with SCHREE” πŸ™‚ That’s what I do best! Create and perform! Gotta stick to what you know! You know Peeps..Your girl is so lucky and Blessed..Grateful! Life…is good..Even when it’s not! Remember that! My friend Mitchell told me that years ago…Before I met Baby..I’ve never forgotten that.. xx πŸ˜‰

As long as you keep it sexy! HHHAAAaaa!!!

dorks are sexy
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Okay Peeps..Gonna go check Baby’s temperature!
Love you guys!
Until Laterz,

The Notebook


Daffy Screwball
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One of my favorite days of the week! IT’S HUMP DAY! Get to humpin’! HOLLAAAA!! πŸ™‚

I’m watching Survivor with Baby. That guy with the pink panties is creepy! Annoying! Anyway, I’ll save my opinions of these shows, for my forum!


Just go there Peeps to see what your girl has to say about all the crazy shows out there! Right now? Like everybody else, am into this Jodi Arias murder trial! It’s like .. Whaaaa? You know she’s gonna get the death penalty!

Ok Peeps.. Gonna go eat! πŸ™‚

Until laterz
Your Girl,

Palin is so hot
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Nuthin’…just chillin

Holla Peeps! I’m about to go to bed. Setting the alarm for 8:45 (I’m usually awake anyway, but, I wanna be on time with the Jodi Arias trial! It’s WILD! I am BEAT! I’ll blog again in the morning Peeps! You know I’ll at least be around at some point, putting my 2 cents in! HOLLAAAA!!! Here’s the link to the forum thread!


okay..gonna go snuggle with Baby..in the bed..I have got to my #love on! HEYOOOOOOO!!!

Jack Sparrow
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Hot girl dancing
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Jodi Arias.. hhMMMMmmm..

You know Peeps!! First of all HOLLA! Happt TICKLISH TUESDAY!!

Jack Black Dance
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Anyway..as are many of you, I’m riveted by this case. She says at first that she thought it was an intruder. Then she copped to killing the poor guy! With her on the stand now. It’s like..How is she so calm? I would be freaking the fuck out! I may be a lot of things, but, a liar! Same with many of you I’m sure! Right now, I’m watching her jailhouse questioning segment. She was crying and shit. Wiping her nose!

Happy raccoon
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And the Oscar goes to..

Hope everybody is having a great day! πŸ™‚
Your girl,

Oh! I’ll be giving updates on the #jodiarias TRIAL THROUGHOUT THE DAY! πŸ™‚ I’m on it for you Peeps! MUAH!

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That is just FUUUUCKED UP! This nice young white couple adopted this beautiful little black child. Anyway, they were on a plane. I guess the kid was a little unruly. I mean, we are talking about a toddler here. Well, this old white man said to the parents (paraphrasing) “Hey! Shut up that little nigger baby!” then he SLAPPED the kid! dayum! That is HARD! I would have punched him in his face! Fuck that! Imagine the other passengers lol smh That’s a dayum shame. Kids black. Two loving white parents. And this old man, (who he probably thought of as one of his own grandparents) called him a nigger. Maybe he has never heard that word.. Let’s all hope so! We don’t need any more manifestos in the future! Black guys don’t do that kind of stuff! #hope

live your life crazy
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GOOD GOD! Peeps! Your girl is on a mission. I’ve been inviting people to our fan pages on FB and guess what? Your Happy Host just realized that you INVITE people until yesterday y’all..okay? Can you say BRRR DUH Schree’? So here I sit. INVITING PEEPS! All kinds of day and night! BUT! I’m gonna keep groovin’! There’s no limits there and we can get craaazy! πŸ™‚ #hardworkinblackgurl Β HHHAAAA!! I DO drive myself hard though. You guys know that. Anyway..I took my sleeping pills..LOLOL..I should keep writing until I hit the keyboard. #insomniac ..See..that’s the thing now HASHTAG! If you ain’t down with the HASHTAG? You ain’t ready hunnie. For REAL! Β Wait a minute! I had to convince Baby to take these pics of me for you.. Night Night!! Love You!!! Schree’!