HOLLAAA PEEEPSS! Here’s to a GREAT Easter Sunday!! All around the WORLD!! 🙂 I saw the new Pope on TV this morning. Seems like a kool guy! I like him! Not at all like the previous creepy looking guy!

Mouse Humpin
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Okaaayy? Hollaa…

I am going to wake my sweet love..I know she must have been awake all night working..There’s much more to radio than many people realize. OOHH! Criminal Minds is back on! Baby turned me on to this show!

Linux undies
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Shamar Moore (sp) is so fucking sexy! You know he has to know it too! Whew!

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HHAAAAA! That’s hot! Gonna go gently stroke Baby with my nails..She can’t stand to be woken up!
Hey Baby
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We love you guys!

Attachment Parenting (on Dr. Phil)

Holla Peeps! I hope this blog finds you in good health and happy spirits! I’m checking out Dr. Phil. Y’all know I love me some Dr. Phil! Today’s show is about “Attachment Parenting”..This one woman is still breastfeeding and her child is 4 years old! Old enough to know what “BOOBS” are. At that age, are they ‘feeders’ or a sexual object? I would think it depends on the kid. One of my nephews was BF until he was around the same age! The whole family was on her ass! Especially my Mother-In-Law! LOL Gotta love her! She is so precious! BUT! She WILL tell you where the rubber hits the road so to speak. And boy did she LMAO!

Oh, I saw this segment. It’s about the G-Ma who drives around her property visiting all her kids without even telling them first. lol Just like my in-laws..I can’t wait til they come out here! A piece of family is a good dose of medicine!

LMAO! You’ve gotta love when the guest said “I’m not gonna let you (Dr. Phil) or any other quack tell me different.”. lol Fucking classic.

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I’ll tell ya, this lady is a carbon copy of my Mother-in-Law lmao!

Anyway.. Personally? I don’t think I would breast feed that long. I mean, like an audience member said on Dr.Phil..By then, they have a full set of TEETH! OUCH!

The creepy kid is watching you
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Hail to tha naw!
Until later loved ones!
Your Girl!
Schree’ 😉

Xoxo Hugs And Kisses
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Let me be clear..I have my mom’s back!

do you guys remember the show where I told you guys my sister told me our mom dropped out of school in the 6th grade? lol She treats our mom like shit. Anyway..That can’t be true! My mom went to high school with Kathy and Billy Parents dad! They were friends! So, hey sis! Stop lying on mom! And give me my gemstones back! And where are my family pics? What the fuck Nay Nay?

Dirty trick
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