Holla Peeps!! Gonna get ready to shoot some SchreeTV! I’m on VR (vocal rest) though, so, I’m gonna TRY not to talk too much! 😮 You guys know how it is.. Friday night’s show was a beast! Blew my chords! You all would have been emailing me and calling me saying “SCHREE, YOU NEED TO BE ON VR!” I love you guys! I know our audience like a book! And I love you like a wino likes wine! Holla!
Until Laterz my Loves,
Your Girl,

Tough guy
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Good Morning PEEPS!!

Holla Peeps! Hope you’re all having a great Ticklish Toosday!! haha! Hey! If your reading this, like my page please!!


Your girl is gonna be drinking some Emergen-C like a mug! I really do not like missing work. I love my career!

Clean teeth
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I know you all feel me! Kicking it live on the air is what we do best! Well, among other things..WINK WINK!

Baby Amazed By You
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Gonna shoot lots of SchreeTV! Today! I feel like shit with this cold! But, hey! Anything for you guys! You know why? CAUSE I LOVE YOU!!

Until Laterz my loves…

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What’s Going Down Tonight?

Holla Peeps! Watching “Love & Hip Hop in Atlanta! If you haven’t seen it, check it out! If you’re into hot black chicks, you’ll love it 😉

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I wanna make sure to let ALL of you who were there for your girl today (The anniversary of my Daddy’s passing) a BIG HUG AND KISS!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Baby didn’t leave my side all day! And, neither did many of you, and I love you for that.

I Love You
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I’ve been really enjoying shooting SchreeTV! I’m glad you guys like it too! You keep watching and I’ll keep shooting them! 🙂 <3


Peeps! I sound like shit! I know I’m getting a cold. That’s another reason we didn’t go to the gym earlier. I’m always bitching about how people shouldn’t go out spreading their germs while their sick so..I’m gonna go way late, when, there’s hardly anybody there!

Welcome To My World Pink
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If we’re not live, remember, a best-of will air! Or, you can spend some time watching SchreeTV! Or, even have an “On Your Mind Marathon”! The archives are always there for you 24/7… I’m like hacking and coughing and blowing my nose! I just don’t think I sound good. Who wants to hear that? Shit…But, there’s so much good juice going on! It’ll still be going on tomorrow night! You know nobody covers it like your girls! HOLLAAA!!!

Until Laterz Loved Ones! (sniff sniff)

The Boston Marathon Massacre 2013

You know Peeps, this attack on the Boston Marathoners is really so sad. I think there is a national feeling of helplessness. We’re still not over 9/11 and now this? We’ll get through though. That’s what America is made of. No matter what we go through as a nation, we always come together for each other. We at On Your Mind Productions send our thoughts and prayers to all affected by those assholes. They’ll get theirs. Finding them should be pretty swift. Yeah..I believe in that..
Love You!
Your girls,

Pink Scarves and Soda Pop

Holla Peeps! I’m watching “The Client List” with Baby. This is a really good show! Jennifer Love Hewitt. I mean, how can you NOT love her? Especially in those outfits! lol

Bevis And Butthead
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Baby’s parents are here for the week, which is kool. We always have fun when they come out here. lol..My Mother-in-Law is a trip! You’d never guess she’s 80! She looks young and she’s really spritely! She’s got more energy than a Snicker bar!

Arnold Swarchenegger
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Pop looks great! I’m so happy! Cancer-free STILL! HOLLAAA!! And the Dr. said at first that he had 2 months to live. That’s why Baby and I try to always encourage people through our show to always have hope. Because they had the man dead and buried 6 six years ago and I just left his company this afternoon okaaayyy???..Evil Lori and I talked about it before! As I’m sure many of you hav dealt with cancer. It SUX! I call it a MEAN disease.

Anyway..Don’t wanna be a buzz kill.

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ok Peeps..going to watch this show and play around on Twitter!