Jambalaya Soup!

Holla Peeps! I’m so excited that my best friend M-Geezy is in town! Hard to believe so many years have gone by since we met. I still remember us playing Sega all day long at my mom’s crib..All day! Hey! We were kids! Frizzed needs to call into the show when he’s drunk! lol He’s funny when he’s drunk.. I love my friends..

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I have the Zimmerman trial on in the background. This trial (in my opinion) should be open and shut. A child was killed. Shot in the heart. SMH. Where is the love? It’s come out that Trayvon smoked weed. How is that relevant to this case? I don’t know any pot smokers that are violent! Stoners like a chill vibe..Not “Hey! That was some good pot! Let’s go rob people!!”

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We need more love in this world.

Love you lots
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Until Laterz Peeps!
Your girl,

How to Dress for Vegas in the Summertime! (for vacationers)

Holla Peeps! We desert dwellers already know the deal, however, many of my friends, and maybe you are coming out to the great desert for summer.

1) We’re topping out in the teens all week. The sun is super hot on the skin. Personally, I wear thin, long sleeve shirts. Long sleeve T-s work. The sun is HOT AS HELL! It WILL burn yo ass!

2) Ladies!! Don’t worry about looking cute of the strip. Keep those heels in the room when you go to walk the strip! Wear your “eazy walkers”.

3) This doesn’t have to do with clothes but..STAY HYDRATED!! PLEASE!

4) Bring SUNSCREEN! Even if you are of dark pigment! This is Vegas!! HOLLAAA!!

5) whip out your sexy clothes ladies at night time!

Hope this helps someone! HOLLAAA RODNEY AND MY BOY M-GEEZY!

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