Holla Peeps!! I hope you’re all having a GREAT Thumpin’ Thursday!!

Something weird
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I just woke up..Talked to my mom, about to have my morning coffee.. My mom has something very exciting happening in her life right now, and nobody in the family knows it but me. That’s how mom and I always were. Best friends. I’m so happy that we’re there again. I know.. Approach with caution Peeps. But, this time seems really sincere! She is so happy, and I am so happy for her. Maybe one of these nights I can get her to call in and share her joy with us! That would be kool. It’s’ been a long time since Moms has called in to the show!

Xoxo Hugs And Kisses
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I’m trying to be quiet. Let Baby sleep. God knows, being with me, she needs/deserves it. I’m a lot to handle! 🙂

Invisible wheels
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You know what Peeps! I think we’re do for some THIRTEEN FACTS THURSDAY! Here are some facts about your happy host!

1) I love refrigerator magnets!!

2) I think about my family/friends back in Delaware every day! (I can’t wait to see them!)

3) My favorite color is pink!

4) I’m a gentle, loving soul, unless you fuck with me, then..it’s ON! 🙂 holla!

5) I’m extremely protective over the people I love, and that includes our audience! (They know that already)

6) I can be a real bitch sometimes! (holla ladies! can’t we all?)

7) I get annoyed when I see scooters on the main road. That’s such an issue out here! (LV)

8) I love to change my hair! I get bored with myself easily 🙂

9) I’m extremely sensitive. I feel EVERYTHING! lol

10) I love God very much. I have my own personal relationship with Him. It pisses me off when people think that gay people disconnect from God. He loves me and I know it so BAM!

11) I love Joel Osteen!

12) I love my SchreeTV! Watchers! MUAH!

13) My favorite cereal is grits!

There! Holla!

Girls dancing
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I’m gonna try to write some more my loves. It’s just so much easier to communicate with you on SchreeTV! 🙂 Hmmmm.. Is video making us lazy? I wonder. That’s why I wanted to write a little something something..You know? Make sure I could still form a complete sentence! Spell and shit lol

Headbutted Horse Butt
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Holla at Julie and the crew! All the fans! We love y’all! “In The Trenches” Peeps! HOLLAAAAA!!! Can’t wait for the next PARRRTAAAYYYY!! 🙂

Until Laters…
Love you lots!
Your Girl,

Love You So Much
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Dear Diary…

Holla Peeps! TGIF! Hope everybody’s having an awesome Friday!

Bevis And Butthead
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Me? I’m on vocal rest. Only made 1 SchreeTV episode today! Oh for shame! lol

Arnold Swarchenegger
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It’s frustrating, but, I have to do it! I can whisper though. Whispering doesn’t strain the chords. It’s just air. Summer in Vegas! I love the heat though! You all know your girl can’t stand the cold….I love Vegas! lol

Bum Flame
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Here’s the link to SchreeTV! on You Tube! (you can go there from our site too! 🙂

Shop Hole
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I want to thank all of you who are loving “Love Lullabye”! Makes your girl’s heart melt. And yes, we are going to continue to donate a portion of the proceeds to the Salvation Army of Southern Nevada!

Big And Small Hearts
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I wanna give a shout out to ALL my Peeps on FB and TWITTER and LINKDN and ALL OVER THE WORLD AND WEBIVERSE! I LOVE YOU GUYS! Baby just got home..YAAAAYYYY!!

I Love You
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Until Laterz,
Your girl,

Xoxo Hugs And Kisses
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