October is National Anti-bullying Month..

Holla Peeps! I heard the story of this kid named Israel. He’s around 9 or 10. Poor kid. He was bullied at school by these kids who eventually went too far and pushed Israel into a wall. He hit his head and now he’s in physical therapy. His gait is waaayyy off and he talks kinda slow. It’s all fucked up. He was on HLN. They loop their news. If you get a chance, check it out.

So, I figured I write a little something about my experience with bullying as a kid. Maybe my story can help some kid somewhere! When I was 8 years old. I had just finished the 2nd grade at Holy Rosary. I had a great summer. My parents, well, really my dad, thought I needed to be exposed to all kinds of kids, so, they dumped me in Darley Road. The local public school. LOL! Holla at all my friends at both schools! I’m in touch with them today!! BUT..at the time, I was SHELL SHOCKED! I was in 3rd grade. All these kids knew each other, and there I was. in public school in a dress, and patent leather shoes. I was a target LOL!

Anyway..Keep in mind, this is Delaware! haha! ok. Well, I made friends quickly, I never had a problem making friends really, but, it was this pack of girls..They were bussed in from the city. Dayum bussing! In the 70’s, it was somebody’s genius idea to take the kids from the city, and bus them to the suburban schools. It was horrifying holla lol.

At the end of the day, I stayed in that school for 3 years. My Father FINALLY rescued me and put me back in private school..Whew! Where I stayed until the 10th grade. Same shit different school. Same sentiments lol..

OH! I wound up taking Karate where I didn’t like the actual physical contact part. I had to learn to fight. It built character. I had to kick some bitches’ asses. holla..

Your girl..