Happy Holidays what what!?

Holla Peeps!! Cheers to everybody this Thanksgiving Holiday! I hope you all had a great one!!

Eat now
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Baby and I are visiting at my sister’s house. Dinner was awesome. My sister can cook her ass off.

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She’s resting now. She’s been cooking for 2 days straight! Thanksgiving comes and goes so quickly..The Holidays is general go by fast. Gotta enjoy and cherish these memories now..Time goes fast..

Until Laterz..
Happy Holidays!!
Your girlz

A lil some some

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Holla Peeps! I’m hanging out with Baby, watching The First 48, and catching up on each others’ day. I haven’t seen her all day! That’s how it is for most of us though, right?

baby im missin u
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Hopefully, you’re listening to tonight’s show


Kiss Me Quick
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I gotta work on my book Peeps.. It’s almost done..I don’t know how in the hell these people like Joel Osteen write and put out books so quick! I’m like..UUGGHH!! Anyway..I’ve committed to it, it’ll get done. It can be fun at times, and tiring at times.. Depends on which part of my life I’m seeing. It’s a ride! I have to admit though. I haven’t worked on it as much as I should. I need to commit more time to it for real! I mean, it’s my first Autobiography! It’s obviously easier said than done. ha!

Britney Spears
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What am I doing right now instead of working on my book? Watching 20/20. I am such a news/doc nerd.

Wannabe ninja
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Anyway..I’m gonna wrap this one up! I’ll blog more later! 🙂

Your girl,

Toronto Mayor Is loving the crack! Not stepping down!

Rob Ford..a household name now. Toronto’s crack smoking Mayor! First of all..Is he not the fattest crack head you’ve ever seen? When I saw his pic, I was like DAYUM! What kind of crack is he smokin? I guess he didn’t get the memo..CRACK IS WHACK! Why not just smoke a little weed? Why he gotta go all cracked out? smh.

Well, dude says he is not stepping down. Like D.C.’s own mayor Marion Berry (He’s a crackhead too!) He will go down in history with the crack. Nice legacy!

He’s gotta stop it with the crack. Really…It’s not a good look for Canada..

Until Laterz,
Your Girl,