You Got Us!!!

Holla Peeps! Here’s to wishing you a happy holiday season! HOLLAAAAA!!

Hope everybody had an awesome Christmas! If yo didn’t, fuck it..There’s always next year! HOLLAAAA!! Plus, you got us!

Hey! Duck Dynasty is on! Gotta watch it before they get kicked off the air! lol You know, it’s great that we live in a society that says “NO! WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS! We say ..”Thank you!!”

It’s funny that the Duck people think that the network needs them more than they need the network! It’s amazing how out of control the egos get on these people! Let me tell ya. There’s a grind..a trench, that you have to climb to get on tv and the movies..Reality tv will crash and burn. Shit! It’s happening now, before our eyes! Remember when tv was abot performers making us feel something, and to take us away to another place and time? What happened?

Your Girl,

Mid-day check in..

Holla Peeps! Your girl is watching CATFISH. GREAT show! Earlier I THOUGHT I had posted a blog. It didn’t take, as you all know by now haha! I don’t know what the hell happened! Anyway. My bad Peeps! Anyway, it’s Christmas Eve! The Challenge? Getting Baby to go to midnight Mass with me lol. To a Southern Baptist it can be a little overwhelming.. You know, all the graven images and everything haha! I love it though! Especially with Baby! Her facial expressions! It’s priceless!! Hopefully we’ll go!

So, hopefully you all are having a great day! Cheers to you all! To a great holiday!! Regardless of your groove ie. Christian, Buddhist, Mormon whatever!! HOLLAAAA!!

ooohh! Dr Phil is coming on now! I’ll write some more later Peeps!
Your girl,

Midnight Stream of Consciousness

Holla Peeps! Baby and I just got off the air at 11 and now we’re unwinding. Watching a little “Mob Wives”..Gotta love Big Ang! haha!

Tomorrow night is the Schree and the Assholes Holiday Concert! Live on the air! I love this years’ Assholes! So proud of them. They’ve all worked so hard!

Baby is making home made banana bread right now. YUM! She makes that stuff from scratch. From banana to bread. It’s so fucking kool!

Got “COPS” on now! That’s a great show! Gotta love LOCKUP too! I prefer Lockup though! HOLLAAAA!! So interesting! Props to the Peeps who work in the Penal system..okaaaayy?? Holla at them!

It has been over a month now since I quit smoking cigarettes! I feel great! It had to have been time for me, because I didn’t even plan it. I was just done.

I gotta thank my friends on Facebook!! Thanks for the encouragement and support guys! MUAH!

One of my friends got smart assed with me on FB a few days ago. I tabled it. I know she thinks we’re good. But, we’re not. I let it go cause she’s on vacation lol…I’m a “in your face” kind of girl. HOLLAAAA!!! I treat my friends well. I expect the same in return. Gonna wait to see her face to face.

I can’t stand bitchez who hide behind the internet. So annoying..

Annyway Peeps…I’m gonna go and chill with Baby!!

Gotta love the middle of the night in Vegas…

Your girl,

Streaming on a Thursday Night ;-)

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HOLLA PEEPS!! I hope you’re enjoying tonight’s show! Asshole Practice is just kicking off and it’s so much fun! We started last night. We’ll be back live tomorrow night. You can just click the BLOGTALK widget to go to our studio page! All of the Assholes will be there tomorrow night! HOLLAAA!!

Baby’s been gone all day! Since 8 this morning! She didn’t get home until 8:15pm or so. She took Big Bob to the hospital this morning for his surgery. I wanna thank all of you who sent up some good vibes and prayers for him. He said thanks! The great news? His throat cancer is NOT back! He is totally cancer free! Peeps.. He really thought it was back..I mean..he had NO voice! Whew! HOLLAAAA!

Then, after all that, she went to check on Sammee..Sammee says hi and thank you guys too! So, it worked out anyway, cause the Assholes were all busy so, we’ll just pick it up tomorrow night. Gives me a chance to soak up Baby! 🙂

ooohh there’s my friend Michael from the District, hitting me up on Twitter! He’s in the Bahamas! Ain’t that some shit? Pictures of him walking on the beach and shit! lol

Well, let me go answer him real quick! I’ll write more laterz 😉
Your Girl,

Stream of Consciousness on a Tuesday Afternoon

Holla Peeps! Hope everybody’s having an awesome day! The weekend is almost here!! HOLLAAAA!!

Asshole practice was so fun last night! Can’t wait til tonight!!! 🙂 If you want to be an Asshole, just hit me up on FB!


Ya know? The Holidays are so droll for me..I look forward to Schree and the Assholes every year! Hopefully Theresa will be able to join us tonight! Joann was awesome! I want Brenda’s ass in the mix too! And Leigh! But, Leigh’s been in the hospital! Dayum! And Michael was calling in from the Hospital last night! WTF?

Still thinking about Mercedes of course.. Here today, gone tomorrow. But, you know Peeps? I’ve thought about it over and over and, my Father had a stroke. He lived through it, though, in a wheelchair. He lost the use of his right side. It was awful for him. It hurt so bad to see him like that. But, I was just happy he survived. Now, Mercedes’ stroke was very massive! Had she survived it, she would be in such bad shape. I mean, worse than my dad! She probably would not even have been able to move or speak. Mercedes would not want to exist like that. She gave the greatest hugs, and really her existence thrived on touching others. So, though we may be sad for our own selfish reasons, she is alright. She’s still with us. R.I.P. Mercedes!! Diva, Goddess, Friend.

Why do we say “Rest in Peace”? I mean, just because the body has given out, it just LOOKS like it’s resting..But, is the soul or spirit really “resting”? I doubt it. I think this life is just the beginning of a very wild ride for each of us. Who the hell knows what’s next!?

Anyway Peeps..I’ll write some more later.. Have a GREAT rest of the day! Remember..IT’S YOURS!
Your Girl..And Happy Host..