Our Audience is the best ever!

Holla Peeps!! I just wanted to take a minute to thank you guys..We are getting your emails,  and your calls. I just want to say THANK YOU!!! WE LOVE YOU BACK! We feel so honored yeah.. that’s a good word HOLLAAA!! 🙂 to have you guys. Today, your girl goes in for more testing. An ultrasound on my legs. That should be kool! Maybe I can see the fasciculAtion..  🙂 Anyway..I’m looking forward to getting a real diagnosis..Not just some benign bullshit..Fortunately, your girl has a great Dr. who is just as eager. I have two MRI’s next week! So, look..If they don’t have a diagnosis after that, then I am just a freak..holla..



Remote Control

Holla my friends!!!  COFFEEEEE TIME!! 🙂 Your girl is going today for an Ultra Sound on my extremities today and tomorrow. I think the new medicine is working!! Thank Gawd! Sooooo annoying! At the last Betty’s dance, I didn’t even get on the dance floor! I just stayed with Baby  at the door and greeted people. Since I am a greeter. I like greeting! It’s my thing so..It wasn’t so bad. 🙂 I don’t think anybody noticed, so, that’s good. Whatever that Nerve conduction test was, it set your girl’s muscles OFF! Okaaayyy? The new Dr. (second opinion) wanted to do another Nerve Conduction Test..Baby was like, “How about we get the results from the first test! You know what I mean? So, that’s what’s happening today.  Which is kool! Hopefully I’ll be able to see the muscles and what the hell is going on in there. Gotta be thanful though! Whatever it is, they are telling me it’s benign! So, if a little discomfort is all I have to deal with, I am thankful. I am blessed. I l mean I have been dealing with this since I was 8 or 9. I just dealt with. I felt like a freak! lol  I have to say to our Peeps! Thank you for all your emails!  They mean more than you know!!

HAY!!! What’s up with this EBOLA shit? Oh HELL NO!  That is TOOO hard! I sure hope that shit doesn’t hit Vegas! WHAAAAAT? Also wherever you are Peeps! Sending good vibes and prayers going up! God…please do not let the Ebola virus..please keep our friends, family, and listeners safe from this horrible thing..Amen..

HAY!! Who loves you sweetheart?

Schree & Baby do!

Your girl Schree <3 <3 <3



Warm Blanket

Holla Peeps! First of all, in reference to my last blog, I want to say..I don’t really give to shits about Dee Dee..She is just an example..One of many that do that. Perfectly good friends as kids..You grow up! You’re gay! All the sudden, they’re not your friend anymore. No big deal. As my brother Jute told me many years ago.. “If they don’t like it.. FUCK EM!” How fucking kool is that? I have the best family in the world. They love me so much. Vice Versa!! Just because I left Delaware, doesn’t mean I left my Peeps there! HOLLA! I love my family too..They mean the world to me. Hopefully they will see this blog. We’re all on FB anyway. lol Not like it matters. They know <3

My mother still refers to them as HER family..lol…oh well..At first, it used to bother me, but, not anymore. Many things that used to bother don’t bother me anymore! Could it be that I’m maturing? hhaaaaaa…ummm..NOT..She was trying to alienate me from my family. That’s very common in the LBGT Community. But, my family would allow it. That’s so awesome. My Dad? He embraced it from the beginning. He embraced US… I was so lucky!

PRIDE is coming up soon! Which is awesome!! For me..PRIDE represents the survival, emotional, and physical. To have fought through it. To have made it through the HELL. The hell for me? My mother..Now? She’s all up on my FB page.. Am I confused? Confused as FUCK! lol.. But hey! I’ve been waiting for YEARS for her to just be present in my life so, I’ll take it. HOWEVER …NO BULLSHIT!! NO HEAD GAMES!! NO MORE CONTACTING MY FRIENDS AND BAD MOUTHING ME.. My mom went through the Empty Nest Syndrome REAL BAD! I mean!! But, I AM the baby so.. But DAYUM! Anyway..Forgive, but, never forget I always say! 

AAANnnnyway Peeps..I’ll write more later…  Watching this show with Baby..Something about some Eskimos!!

Holla? lol



Black guy 6’3 360 LBS. Dies after attempted Police Arrest….. :-o

Also…let’s not forget the black chick who got the shit beat out of her by that white cop! I hope that Dr. Drew does the right thing tonight and has the ever bitter Miss Ali on his show, so that she can educate all of us what it’s like to live in the past. Hey! I’m not saying it WASN’T racial, however, you know Miss Ali!! She jumps STRAIGHT RACIAL! lmao…She makes me laugh!! Look, home chick was really fucked up by whatever she went through. We, Generacial x’ers, Millenials, we don’t know what the hell it was like. I mean, we read it in the history books. My dad lived through it. However, he didn’t want me to bitter. He put me in good schools, wanted me to have the same level of education as my white counterparts, so that I would never blame the white man for any of my perils. I mean, my dad went to the “colored school” ..they got out of school in the morning and had to work. His boss (a white man) hit my dad over the head with a 2 by 4. My dad died with that scar on his head. He never told me what kind of work he was doing..Then..I saw The Butler. And my life changed. My dad…his WHOLE LIFE…worked along side white people, had white friends. He knew he would never work FOR them again. But..he would work WITH them. A decision he made that night. He was 9 years old, and declared that to his mother that night. By the age of 19, he had brought his whole family from the south of North Carolina, to Delaware. What a great guy my father was. He was so awesome. I mean really!! He was like…the best man I’ve ever met! 

Anyway..I’m rambling (as I do on the air..when Michael and Canada Lori let me lol)…

So, back to the news!! The black guy..with the cops..okay..like I said in the title…dude was BIG! The cops told his he was under arrest. Supposedly he was trying to break up a fight. You know how it is. It’s easier to obtain the big black guy first. Shit! He SEEMS to be the biggest threat. Shit! I’ll admit it! Fuck it! Black, White, Samoan? The biggest muther fucker needs to be detained right? Well, anyway, they wrestled this poor guy, and he really didn’t seem to be fighting back! There was a grip of cops on him. He was like “HELP! I CAN’T BREATHE!” The fucking cops didn’t give a damn! Not ONE damn. They kept on wrestling him. Dude looked DONE! So, he had a heart attack and is DEAD! Okaaayyy? GRAVEYARD DEAD! SMH…You know what though? We can’t blame ALL white people for this shit. For real though! I have a lot of white friends (I’m from Delaware holla!)..There’s this thing called “Guilty of being white”…As a matter of fact, my friend Sid talked to me about it in high school..I forget the topic. I think white did something fucked up lol…I don’t know..But, I’m glad he had the balls to talk to me about that. He was in theater with me. We’re (theater nerds) pretty open about our emotions.. It’s like people from Dallas! They STILL feel the stigma from the Kennedy killing. “If only he hadn’t come here.”….So, we can’t get defensive here. Let’s come together, see it for what it is, and fix it.

Now…About the chick…I’m sure many of you have seen it. The cop that beat the shit out of a black WOMAN! I mean, he was beating her like a MAN! I mean, it was TYSON/SPINKS up in there! SOOOOOOOOOOO FUCKED UP! Hey! Is it racial? Probably! However, we have to acknowledge it, come together..black AND white..and stop this nonsense..





Ten to Three

Holla Peeps!! If you’re on my FB or following us on Twitter, you know that your girl is gonna step it up and really start to right first thing in the morning…or, whenever I wake up!  That’s the best time to blog.   🙂

Anyway, I really wanted to blog about this, because..well, because I think it’s important that I do so.

I had a dream about a childhood friend. We were hanging out in a theater.  It may have been some kind of classroom. So, I saw her, and we walked quickly toward each other to hug. Well, when she got right to me, she looked behind me, her face went from a big smile to sadness. She did not hug me. She turned away. I looked at her visual target, and it was this guy,  she was going out with him. He didn’t like gays. She went to him. I went into instant depression. Like I did waaaaaaayyyy back in the day…

As a child, I had many friends who meant the world to me. One of them Dee Dee. Anyway, Dee Dee and I were the best of friends! We did everything together!! We went to day camp! Always had sleep overs. We always made fun of her little brother, and, it was like her mom was my mom and vice versa.  Well, Dee Dee was always overly concerned about her weight. I would always assure her, that she was just fine. She was beautiful. And, she grew up to be a stunning woman! I’m so happy for her about that.

A few years ago, we met up on Facebook. I was over the moon happy, and we were on each others’ pages for a while! 

Well, I hadn’t heard from her in a while. I was in one of my “feeling sorry for myself modes” YES I have those too! Your girl Schree IS in fact human. So, I emailed her say pitifully lolol…”That’s alright, you don’t have to be bothered with me”. Or something to that effect. You know what she did? She emailed me back, but I didn’t read it. I was too stunned by the fact that she UNFRIENDED me!! And guess what? Her little brother who had friended me..Dude Unfriended me too!! I was like oh dayum! Okay..I have to admit, that shit hurt my feelings! Oh well, just thought I’d blog about that…Not the first time, not the last time, doesn’t change my life! HOLLAA!

Anyway…Until Laterz..

Your Girl,

Schree!! 🙂 xoxo


Holla Peeps! Read this!

Holla Peeps! Hope everybody’s had a great Manic Monday!! HEYOOOOOO!!! 

Me? Well, your girl went to another Neurologist today. Baby thought it a good idea to get a second opinion. You all know that we have been laughing for years at the fact that my left leg twitches and when I put my lighter or cigarette pack on my thigh, it’s fun to watch it jump. But, I figured it was time to get it looked at. We’ve had it looked at several times over the years. (even before the radio show, when we lived in Texas).  And that was a while ago!  I would tell you what year, but, I don’t want to date myself HOLLAAAA!! 

Aaaanyway…The doctor (my primary) put me on this anti-seizure pill. I was on it before. It worked back then. Oh well.. No biggie! Just annoying as hell..See, the last Neurologist said..Oooohhh it’s just benign this and benign that…Shit! I want a REAL diagNOsis! You know what I mean? If I’m gonna be a freak, I wanna know why! Well, I guess that means I’ve been a freak my whole life! Since my first symptoms started at 9. At the pool. In Greentree..In Claymont, De. HOLLAAA!! Miss that pool. I heard they closed it! Oh for SHAME! The fun we had there.

WAIT! Peeps! Did you all see the pictures of the guy who got beat to shit by  this guy who called 911 on his son’s molester? He caught dude in the act! OF MOLESTING HIS SON! OMFG! THANK GOD! He beat the shit out of this guy Peeps! AWESOME SAUCE!!!   I LIVE FOR THESE KIND OF STORIES MY LOVES!!! <3 you know that though..

Everybody should get that opportunity right? If only..

You know what’s fucked up though? We can celebrate the bruises and swollen face of this piece of shit. However, this poor child. This asshole has been abusing this kid for the past 3 years?! Are you fucking kidding me? SMH..SMH.. That’s what truly sucks. Breaks your heart. This child, a male, has been being raped for 3 years.  Poor kid. What did he go through? 

I have to say..I love this dad!! Right on!

You guys, I don’t know if I will be live tonight. My leg is driving me nuts! If I take this med. It might knock me out! We’ll see! Please enjoy the archives though!! There are tons for you to choose from! thank GAWD your girls have a lot of work out there. We love our fans!! It’s out there for you guys! We love you!! 

Anyway..Until laterz!

Your girl..




Okay Peeps! I’ve decided a while ago that I was spending more time figuring a title for my blogs than I was writing them, so..Whatever comes to mind seems to be working.. 

You know what Peeps? All of this talk of war has MY anxiety level pretty high. Imagine what it must do to the child’s brain. Yet, we wonder why our kids today are become more and more violent, posting fights to YOUTUBE, and the rest of it. Russia supposedly shooting the Malaysia plane down, Afghanastan, Iraq..IT’S TOO MUCH!! Don’t get me started on some of these video games! I’m not saying that video games should not exist, I’m just saying, well, asking…what effect do they have on the young, developing brain?

It seems that everything is about conflict and combat! Like Rodney King said..”Can’t we all just get along?”  R.I.P. dude. He was a “good egg” as Dr. Phil would say.

But for real!!! What’s with all the fighting? Can’t people sit in a board room and hash it out? WHYYYYY all this war? smh..I’ll never get it..Well, I get it, but, so long? Damn! Let’s take a fucking break!! Sheesh!


Hopefully all this will end, and we can have our Troops back home safe..

Until Later Peeps!

Your girl,