Honey Boo Boo Cancelled. What was mom June thinking?

Okay Peeps.. Holla.. FIRST of all, I hope this blog finds you in good spirits, and happy hearts. If not, well, maybe your girl can cheer you up a lil bit. HOLLAAAAAA!! 🙂 HOLLAAAAA!!

Anyway.. What the fuck with this JUNE lady from Honey Boo Boo? That was our show! lmao! Funny as hell! However, now, the record stops.. SKEEEEET! (sound effects).. 😮 Chikadee! The one who had the baby with the extra thumb? She said her mom’s new boyfriend MOLESTED HER when she was like..8 years old. She is PISSED that her mom is dating him AGAIN… She wants the public to know about this shit.

Now..JUNE..What the hell are you thinking? You need to go on Dr. Phil! Okaaaaayyy girl? For real. There’s your public platform. Because like…EVERYONE is pissed at your ass. Really? A KNOWN pedophile, who has already fucked with ONE OF YOUR OTHER KIDS? What are you thinking? How long before he goes for one of your other girls? SMH
How fucked up. Not to mention the fact that it is highly probable that he has already assaulted one or more of them, being as though it only takes a second for a child to be assaulted. You need to open your eyes lady.

KUDOS to TLC for offering therapy to the family. That’s a very good move. #Respect

Until Laterz my loves..

P.S. I never use spell check as you all know haha..Sorry for any typos!! LOVE YOU GUYS!


Holla Peeps! You know that sometimes your girl takes a brief hiatus! Yeah, I came back last Monday and Tuesday, but, I felt like I was holding back, and I NEVER hold back haha..

MY MOM! What did she do?
Well,let me just dump it out there..You guys know that she has made my life a living hell since I left home. I don’t know anymore if it’s the gay thing. She seriously hates me for leaving her. I mean, she still brings it up today, how, when I left home, she didn’t know if she would survive. Now, this breaks my heart, because leaving home was THE HARDEST thing I have ever done in my life. Besides leaving for college. Oh she made a scene out of that too! OMG! haha

Anyway.. Everyone knows that my Daddy got married to Miss Cora waaaaayyy back during the Korean war. He was stationed in the Philippines with Baby’s Daddy actually! Anyway, my Daddy brought Miss Cora back to the States and married her. Thus my big brother Jute. Before Jute, there was Butch..Then, waaayyyy down the line, there was me..Okay..I ALWAYS new by brothers. My Dad made sure we all knew each other and were in each others lives the whole ride. My brothers are awesome! We love each other so much. Okay..So, anyway..my mom claimed that she had NEVER been to my Dad’s house. That she never had been inside the house, didn’t know what it looked like..nothing about it..Well, on one of my visits to see my Dad. I was hanging out with him. And, on the television were many many pictures, so Daddy could see the whole family. My College graduation picture was missing. I sat there for a minute..This was right before I met Baby. I was still that Delaware girl with no life’s experience. Extremely sensitive. hurt….So, I gently asked Miss Cora..”Miss Cora, where is my Graduation Picture? I don’t see it?” She sat down, didn’t even look at me, and sharply said..”I don’t know, ask your mom.” Just like that. It took me back to High School when she would show me Bible verses saying I would go to hell because I was the child of the “ADULTRESS”.. smh..I was 15! My parents had just broken up. They were together 30 years. It was never a secret. My Dad and I are/were alike. Up front. Honest. He gave her a choice. She chose stability. I mean, they were only 17 and 15 when they met. I know my Dad’s only concern was to get her out of that hell hole. God love him. He couldn’t hurt anyone. Although he made sure to tell me..LOL Butch’s mom was never his girlfriend lol..she was kinda mean ahaaa.. Miss Pauline..God love you girlfriend..What a pistol! <3

Anyway.pan forward to what? A couple of months ago? Sounds about right. Well, Peeps..We were on the phone..Having a great conversation..Then, she does what she always does..Says something to fuck your girl up! I’m used to it, but this? Was too much. She said to me..”That’s why every chance I got, I messed with her.” This was pertaining to Miss Cora..So, I said “Huh?” and I don’t say “huh” when I talk to my mom! That’s not propper! She don’t like slang lol..So, she repeated it.. “That’s why every chance I got, I messed with her.”…I think I was talking to her about how confusing it was back then for me. See, Miss Cora came to see me in the play The Music Man when I was a kid. She also came to my college graduation. Put me in an awkward position both times. I didn’t know what to do!

Here’s the thing though. When Miss Cora said that. Of course, I defended my mom!! I was like..”My mom’s never even been in this house”…smh…

When I left Delaware, I believed my Dad was kool. That there was no drama I mean, it ripped my heart out enough that I was leaving him after that stroke. He was in a chair Peeps! The thought of my mom going in that house and taking my picture away from him?? The one thing I knew he had of me each day? I had never been so far away from my Daddy in my life! So there I went.. I had to relive my life..the lies..the manipulation..different memories..The life lines my Dad left me…It was a lot..adding up to the way my mother treats me now. Why I have NO CHOICE at all but to distance her from my life..Talk about processing!

So, now..I’m sure there’s more “stuff”..but trust me..specifics would take PAGES! ha 😉

SOOOOOO!!! Hopefully the weather in NYC is better!! I don’t know what the hell is going on! Blogtalk was still experiencing Host log in server issues. HOLLAAAAA!! Sooo happy to be at Blogtalk! We’re live in Vegas! We Broadcast out of New York City!! 🙂

Oh and that just pisses my mom off more! hhaaaa she’s so mad..in the early years, when she would say to me “I have to live here (Delaware)..the LAST thing she wanted was for all of Delaware to know she had a gay/bi daughter hhhaaaa…stash me in no closet! Fuck that! Worldwide baby! *sticks out tongue*

Tori & Dean Her husband is acting like a little girl!

Okay Peeps..Like so many of you, your girl watched that Tori & Dean show premier last night. FIRST of all.. Why is Tory torturing herself with this guy? He has no spine? He’s such a big baby! Oooohhh Mmmyyyy Gawd..Alll of the crying with this guy. I mean, poor Tori can’t even take a moment for herself to break down and feel what she needs to feel because of his ass! He might jump out the window and shit. WHAAAATT? I say, have the Fire Department down below to catch his ass.. He aain’t jumpin’ nowhere.. Please. give me a fucking break. What Tori DOES show? That women SURELY are the stronger species. I mean, look at her! She’s what? Maybe 95 pounds soaking wet? Yet, here she is…Holding it down for the ENTIRE family!! I know they have 4 kids, however, girlfriend? She had 5 kids! Okaaayyy?? NOT cute!

Now, I know that most of you men out there reading this are just as appalled as your girl is 😉 My sexy assed guys out there.. 😉 Schree loves you.. <3 For real though! Women like to feel safe! Let us know you’re in control. I mean, yeah, cry a little bit, let us know you care and shit, but DAMN! Please do NOT break down every time we need to lean on you. You know, a couple of guy friends of mine asked me to start a seminar regarding guys with women, and what women want in and out of the bedroom. Said they already have guys that would come. I may do it! Gotta talk to a girlfriend of mine first. She does something similar. Don’t want to step on her toes. That’s not how I roll. Holla xoxo

You know what? People are souls, not sexes. I’ma open my shit up to everybody! Men, women, Trans..EVERYBODY! HOLLAAAA!! Like I said..Gonna talk to my girlfriend though. Y’all remember her from the show! She’s one of our Sponsors who was a regular on the show! She started booking really heavily, so, she couldn’t make it on so much anymore! She was awesome! She’ll still be coming on the show, however not weekly as she was before. Which, is actually a very very good thing ;-)…That’s one of the many perks of sponsoring/advertising on our show Peeps! Even when your contract is over, you are FOREVER in our archives! 🙂 HOLLAAAA! It’s a WIN WIN situation! And that’s what’s up! 🙂 We love our sponsors, and they love us. That’s why we’ve been around so long.. It’s all love baby!! hit us up on the email! xoxo On Your Mind = family!! holla!!

But, yeah..Back to my original point? Don’t do the “Dean” lol..He’s acting like a pussy 😉

Anyway..Love ya’s!!
Until Laterz!!

Stream of Consciousness Blog..Just letting it flow HOLLAAAA!! Schree!!

Hollaaa Peeps!! Your girl had to go to bed! For those of you who follow me and Baby on FB and Twitter!! You know you guys? I really enjoy this TWITTER! Shit! It took long enough to get the dayum thing lol… Anyway..When I went to bed this morning (I had already closed down the computer and crawled into bed with Baby. Had the news on the television. Saw the news in Canada..Might be this ISIS? I am SO OVER this ISIS!! What the fuck? So creepy! Just go away you know? ooooohhhh this shooting suspect had converted to Islam..smh..That is making Islam look so bad. Islam is a religion of peace. It doesn’t look like it now! However, it really is… This is so fucked up. Why they gotta be so extreme with their shit? I mean! Can’t they just sit down and TALK? HELEEEWWWWW!! USE YOUR WORDS!!! 😉 smh a 24 Canadian soldier..Killed..ISIS and AlQaida..at work together again. Well, I’m just saying..They might want to think twice before fucking with Americans on American soil. REAL TALK! Unlike our Allied counterparts..Here in America?? WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS..and TRUST We are NOT afraid to exececute that right!! Just ask the cops!!! So SLOW YOUR FUCKING ROLL!! fuckers..And wheeeereee is dude in the woods back East? WTH? You know his ass is hungry and cold!! Whatchusay?

Well Peeps..Gonna close out this one right quick!! Gonna right more laterz.. 🙂 xoxo
Your girl..Who loves ya!!
Baby does too..She’s just not a blogger. lol MUAHS!!