From Friend To Family…My Sister Diane Wertz

Holla Peeps! This blog is long over due. Been meaning to write this for a couple of days now. I want to talk to you about someone who has truly changed my life. My dear friend Diane Wertz. Diane is a homie from Delaware. Our friendship began on Facebook years ago. Diane was one of the first people to order my single “Love Lullabye”, and was so supportive. Her daughter Bianca loved it! She was 9 at the time. Such good times.

Diane Wertz is a real trooper. We are still having good times, however, those good times are cramped. They are cramped by the fact that my friend Diane has advanced stage ovarian cancer. I say they are cramped. Perhaps that is my own selfishness. Diane’s spirits are high. She is a beacon. A beacon of positivity and hope. She is not bitter. When she told me that hospice was tending to her and that she was getting her affairs in order, the tears just came. I was thinking that we would only have a couple of days together. As that is what hospice usually means. I am so happy to say, Diane is still here! She is here, giving hope and inspiration to others. I find myself constantly inspired by Diane. One of her main goals at this point? To raise awareness! She is going through so much. Yet, her main objective? To make others aware of cervical cancer. Saying “I wouldn’t wish this on anyone”.

You know? Diane Wertz is more than her cancer. First, she is a human being. For some reason, some of us get this bitch of a disease. Cancer. But, it’s not a death sentence. Also, the doctors can’t really tell you how long you have on this Earth. It is my belief that only the Big Man..God, knows the number of our days. I believe that the day we are born, our expiration date is already determined. So, when it is time for Diane to go be with the Lord, he will call her. I believe that it will be a beautiful experience and she won’t feel a thing. She’s a wonderful mother. Having put in place all of the arrangements for her children. All of which are just adorable! 4 beautiful kids! She is certainly leaving behind an awesome legacy, as all of her children are sweet human beings.

Diane Wertz..remember her name..You’re going to be hearing that name quite a bit! We (S&B) love her! I’m sure you love her too! Those of you who know her. In person, or on FB. Diane Wertz. A true hero. Living with cancer. Graciously. Lovingly. Prayerfully. Diane Wertz..Friend turned family..

Sincerely..All my love..
Love Always…

Stream of Consciousness..Letting it Flow.. xoxo

Well Peeps! Your girl is totally excited to go live tonight. Thanks Peeps for being so patient. I/we have appreciate all of your care and concern in the form of FB posts emails, and your just being YOU! We love y’all..But, you already know that. 🙂

I know, we came back for what? 2 Days! The next day, I was pulled in to some other work! I found a documentary. I wanna make it into a film. Sshhh can’t say now! Don’t wanna jinx it! Holla! I mean, this thing just SUCKED me in!!

In OTHER news hahaha..SHE that shall not be named.. smh.. Just when I thought I’d heard EVERYTHING.. smh NOT! Just the OTHER DAY! YUP! Found out another lie.. I swear, imagine waking up one day and learning that lying Derrick Leblanc is your mother..OOOOH MYYYYY GAWWWWWD! lol I mean, it’s not funny, but..I should be ONE FUCKED UP PERSON! I cannot believe I am still fucking SANE! lol.. Thank Gawd I take things and turn them into jokes. It was a coping mechanism I used when I lived at my Dad’s house with his wife. My dad was away a lot with Butch at the fights often so, it was just she and I. She would make me watch DALLAS and FALCON CREST with her. Telling me to do my homework later. It’s only now that I can watch shows like that. The affairs.. Made me feel so uncomfortable! I was only 15! New school..I hardly new the kids. Made some great friends. Knew some of them from private school which was comforting. Like my girl Angie D. Recently found out she died. Bummed me out. For real.. Anyway.. I’m getting off topic..hmmm..where was I?

Well, fuck it..I have no idea where I was..My point is, just the other day I was given information that my mom, is not my mom. I mean, yeah, she gave birth to me..However all the principles and ethics she raised me with she does not possess.. I wouldn’t even be saying this if it didn’t need to be said. It hurts me t have to do this. But, smh…She that shall not be named. Up until last week.. I caught her in a lie. An elaborate lie. Where she created an entire story where there was none. It didn’t HAPPEN! 😮 I mean, I lost sleep for her over it, had leg seizures over it, lost sleep..EVERYTHING..and it’s what she did my whole life! She would tell me things and tell me not to say anything. But, this was so daunting and upsetting, I HAD to reach out, so I did..To my cousins.. Now? She’s in the hands of my family back home. I am in shock at the fact that she raised me! I mean, Now, I did this once with her. Went through the shock of knowing that she’s lied to me so much. But AGAIN?! And she actually told me this detailed story about something that NEVER HAPPENED! In DETAIL! I was SICK OVER IT! We JUST talked about it! I know I know..I let her in.

My friend Tracey on FB even told me. She said that she could see a marked difference in my posts when my mother is in my life. It makes me sad! But, it is true! I mean, all my life she was my best friend! Now, she’s like..this MONSTER! I don’t know her anymore..IF EVER! All I can say??…I love my Dad sooo much..I am so grateful that he stuck it out for me, with her being like that. He told me though. He prepared me for exactly this with her. I mean, what kid wants to publicly cut ties with their own mom? smh..That is so fucked up. SAD TOO!! Gotta live my life..Life is good.. I’ve tried and tried and tried.. she lied and lied and lied..and told me I was stupid. Yeah, maybe I was, but, not any more.
Schree xoxo
<3 <3

Some Parents will NEVER accept their gay children, and that is a loss we have to address.

HOLLAAAA PEEPS!! HAPPY WHACKED OUT WEDNESDAY!! MAKE IT A GREAT ONE!! IT’S YOURS! OMG! Remember I told y’all my mom was back? Well GUESS WHAT? Y’all.. I am SO STUPID.. smh.. she has NOT changed at all..I mean..hit the MEAN MOM JACKPOT! I mean..I guess all I can say is, I tried..For 20 years, I tried…But, remember the other day I said maybe I am like her or some dumb shit? NOOOO!! I AM NOTHING LIKE MY MOTHER! AT ALL!! OMG! PRANK CALLER PRANK CALLER! Schree xoxoxo

It’s so fucked up when you have to fucking investigate your own fucking mother because she is an evil bitch who just consumes and destroys ALL her kids..smh..My poor sister..smh..I had no idea!! Even one of my MANY relatives said to me years ago, he said..”You know “what” she is Tina!” I was like..”huh?” “what?”..but the thing is..”no pun intended”..she is going ALL OUT with her shit now..YO..if Diane Taylor (not her real name..I KNOW I KNOW!..I JUST found out when I was in my twenties..okaayy?? holla..SHADE! aaanyway..if she emails you or anything?? You better not fuck with her, I’m telling you….I am right here right now severing ALL personal AND professional ties with her as of this moment. This is something that I am being FORCED to do..Due to circumstances beyond my control, and of my mother’s own doing. It is with a heavy heart that I do this. But, do this I must. Baby and I will be celebrating 20 years in May!! I cannot have my mom do to my life what she has done to my sister, Donna, and my brother “Pablo”.. Each day I find out more, and every day I’m like..oh okay! umm. But, I’M BUSY! I don’t have time for her head games. I see what she did to my dad. I am NOT my daddy, although I’m ALL him lol you know? Born on his birthday and everything..she probably had me induced. :-0 Anyway..I’ll post more later.. Just HAD to do a press release!
USE IT! SHARE IT! You wonder why we have hate crime laws?… Diane Taylor and her fake college name..leave my fucking family alone! Y’all! My nephew’s graduation that I didn’t go to because she said she was un-invited so I didn’t go to honor her? Found out yesterday that all this time? SHE WENT! I mean, she just mkes up these stories and I’m really fucking tired of her bullshit.
Thank GOD I met Baby, cause it takes a STRONG muther fucker to deal with my mother..She’s been distructo all her life! I just never knew about it. Until now. When she had her initial gay freakout? She said the mean stuff like every body else’s mom..Well, most of us..First? It starts with Religion. Especially if you were privately educated..GOD will not accept you..You know what? I’ll talk more about her ass on the air! Got exciting things happening over here Peeps..Keeping it positive while watching my own mom act a fool..showing me things about herself that I just…I’m done..
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