Black Fridge

Hollaaaa Peeps! Happy Sexxy Saturday! We’re having some beautiful weather out here in Vegas. Wishing all of you who are experiencing brutal weather some Vegas sunshine ♡!

Today is such a great day! My cousin Shenese has been keeping me in the loop about my Aunt Bertie’s fight against cancer. #kickCancersAss! Thank God for my cousin. Love her! Can’t wait to see her and the new baby, her name is Izzy. So cute!

Shenese knows what it’s like being miles away from home. She’s only 2hours away she said, so, she can only imagine how I feel. So true! It’s the miles that separates us, and only miles. My love for my family runs deeper than any ocean.

I’m finally back to me again. You know, certain relationships are worth agonizing over. One such relationship being between mother and child. I love my mom. However, she doesn’t love me. I am ready to accept that now. It is what it is. Accepting this reality has done many things. It broke my heart, made me mad finally, I am resolved.

Ready to hit the stand up stage again, as well as getting my ass in gear for some other things I’ve got to do. Things are going well.

Throughout this experience, I have learned that I am loved by many, and I love you right back! ♡

Until Laterz my loves
Forever and a day ♡

Thank God for my Baby. I could not have ever gone through this without her.

My wife. I Love you more than you can ever know. ♡ ♡ ♡ You have sacrificed so much for me. I am so glad you are mine ♡

Coffee and Cream…♢

Holla Loved ones! Your girl woke up at around 8:30 this morning. Coffee’s on, and it’s time to make doughnuts!

YAAAY Baby’s awake! I get so giddy when she comes down. ♡☆

You know what Peeps? If you have love in your life. Cherish it. Nurture it. Rediscover it over and over again. ♡ ♡ ♡ ♢ ♢ ♢ ♤

Gonna have some family time with Baby before she heads out!
xoxo Schree

Circle Jerk Candy

Holla Peeps! Hopefully this blog finds you in great spirits! Especially you all on the East Coast of the United States! Shit! It’s cold!

YAAAYY My love is awake! ♡ ♡ ♡ We were just talking to my cousin Shenese. She is our Aunt Bertie’s grand daughter. I just want to take a moment to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers for Aunt Bertie. She and my family are so grateful. She has started a new treatment at University of Pennsylvania, and so far so good! She’s feeling great also! So, we are all feeling very optimistic about this. ♡ Cancer fucking sucks ass! I tell ya. You just never know when the other shoe is gonna drop with this disease. Hey! Baby’s daddy was given 2 months to live upon his diagnosis and that was 2007! He is still in remission. So, NEVER give up hope.

Go Aunt Bertie Go! LOVE YOU! ♡ ♡ ☆From the both of us of course. You know your nieces love you! ♡


Giuliana Rancic/Fashion Police Comment

Okay, so, an actress wore dreadlocks, Giuliana made a joke saying the girl looked like she smelled like some kind of oil or weed. Come on. Who doesn’t associate dreadlocks with some nice smelling oil and some good weed?

I saw the girl’s apology and talk of Kelly Osbourne potentially quitting. I was like, we gotta watch this! Child please. Every body was laughing. The shit was funny. I was like. “That’s it? That’s what she said? ”

If she loses her job that is fucked up. Joan would have loved it! Give them a break! ♡☆
RIP Joan Rivers

Had to say SOMETHING!
Your Girl

Morning Glory

Holla Peeps! Hope everyone is having an awesome day!

You know? II’ve been doing some thinking. Look Peeps. Had to mute the tv. So annoying when you’re trying to write a fucking blog! ♡

Anyway, first of all, I’m really sorry we couldn’t go live last night, because your girl was READY! Ha. I swear. I decided that I needed a private place to talk about my shit. I can handle it. Just one more thing with my mom. Anyway. I WAS going to make that my Fb page. But fuck it. THIS IS MY BLOG! This is where OUR Peeps come and I’m not “captain save aho no mo”

ugh! I feel so bad for my dad! He stayed for me! And she knows it! And she is fucking psycho and I’m just the pawn.

She’s fucking nuts. How do I look? “I apologize for the crazy letters, but, my mom is a little crazy and has this weird pension for writing crazy letters to people. See, it’s this crazy obsession with my dad? You may have heard of the Emotional Incest Syndrome?”



Morning Check

Holla Peeps! Dayum! I laid down on the couch last night to watch this BOOK OF NEGROS last night, and woke up at 3am! I was like “Oh shit!”. Missed my shift! That is a bitch! I know Baby tried to wake me up. Dayum! I’ll fill you all in tonight. I’m sure you can take a guess. I’m talking to our listeners who have been with us through the years and know what the deal is. For the new listeners, welcome to the On Your Mind Family!

Gonna check on Aunt Bertie today. See how her tests went. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the doctor said the word #REMISSION? Hey! Anything is possible with God at the wheel!

One Love

Let’s go!

Okay, so, by now I’m sure you all know that I get my titles out of my honey coated ass 😉 Shit takes longer to think of a title than it does to write a blog!

Awww just finished the Celebrity Apprentice. I wanted Geraldo to win. He was great!

Anyway, laying in bed with Baby. I actually started writing this right after the show! ●● What is that? Those dots? ■■ ¤¤I just figured this shit out y’all. Holla! Gonna cuddle Hollaaa♡
☆ ☆ ☆ Schree

Sunflowers and Rainbows

Holla Peeps! Hanging out with Baby in her man cave. Haha. Watching SLING BLADE. Totally one of our favorites. “I like the way you talk”

Your girl is soooo happy to be over this flu! Shit! LOL Had to get well quick! Baby is so awesome to me. I’m not a good sick person. Too hyper! I gotta get up and get around! Laying in bed all day is NOT for your girl. You know that!

Gonna go for a quick spin on my bike!
I’m all about the fitness right now Holla!

Got my fitness, my family, great friends, my Peeps! My Baby! Life is good.

Schree ♡


Holla Peeps! ♡

Your girl is hanging out with my skates on, about to eat some PANCAKES! 😉 XOXOXO You guys know I love me some pancakes! I don’t eat them often though. Bad idea! 😉

NOT fucking with the sheath cake any more! It’s so good. OMGEEE! I can taste it now. ♡♡¿ That was the best cake EVER! My mother in law is the best. ♡♡ ♡ ☆

Schree xoxoxoxo Muah