okay I don’t know what just happened to that last blog, as I said I’m trying this voice activation thing for the first time. I tried it before and it sent the wrong s*** man.

I hope everybody’s having a great TGIF it is time to turn up!

Ok peeps I think I like this thing. I might use it from now on to post my blogs in addition to SchreeTV!.

I think I may try jogging today I need to work out.

Ok peeps I’ll check in with you later love you


Chicken Gizzard and Mustard

Holla Peeps! Watching my man Joel Osteen with M-Geezy and Baby. Joel is the man! I think it’s really Kool that he is a pop culture figure! Hell! Most of us grew up going to Bible Study or some kind of Church. See! It’s already over. Holla.

Holla, #EdSilence I know I owe you some tube #SchreeTv! We’ve had company from out of town all week ♡♢♤♧☆ It’s been so awesome.

We’re all in Baby’s “man cave “. Everyone is on their electronics lol.

It’s a beautiful day! I’m gonna ride my bike! When we were kids, I couldn’t get M-Geezy to watch my news shows. Now, I’ve got 48hours cued up! Haaaaa! I love my Marc.♡

“Juvenile Delinquent” it just works. !

Holla Peeps! For those of you who were listening to the show the night Baby named me “Juvenile Delinquent ” Well, she has been calling me that ever since. ●●●New Listeners catch up on Archives page! Hollaaaa! Need I say that our show is beyond politically INCORRECT. My show is my baby. I don’t
know about having kids yall. My friend is still here, no kids. Tomorrow MGEE-ZEE flies in at like 830pm Yaaayyy you guys remember Marc. Been my #1Best friend since we were 16 and 18. Through my whole ride. We cannot wait to see him. He was with your girl back in the DAY !

You guys know what to do! Just veg out on the shows on archives Hollaaa!

Ooohhh you guys. I want some of Baby’s cake! HAAA

Gonna go graze then gto bed. Our girlfriend. Is asleep on the couch ♡

Nick Gordon on Dr. Phil Give me a Fucking Break with This Guy!

First of all, Nick did a lot of crying, yet, didn’t produce ONE tear! What the hell was up with that? That is so annoying. How about when Nick moved Dr.Phil’s hand off of his shoulder. I was like “Bitch!Don’t you be ignernt to my favorite egg head!” He’s a little queen! Sent my gaydar up as soon as he opened his mouth. Just like black people can identify other black people? Same with us gays holla. That’s not to say they didn’t have an amorous relationship though! Maybe he turns into a queen when he’s drunk. Dude was tore up from the floor up! I mean faded○○○

Something feels amiss to me. I think he went on Dr.Phil to come out of the closet and turn up, and go to rehab to avoid police questioning. Where were the tears? smh

Nick Gordon Checks into Rehab after Dr. Phil Taping

Holla Peeps! Happy Sexxy Saturday! Make it a Great One! It’s YOURS!

Hey! Did you guys read where Nick Gordon checked himself into rehab after taping the Dr.Phil show? I say good for him. I mean, I don’t know you guys. I have to see him. I mean, the bath pretty intimate thing makes you wonder why he didn’t know she was in trouble in the bathroom. Shit,we all know she likes to turn the fuck up! Dayum! Well. I guess time will tell. What sucks is, time is something they don’t have. I mean, this sucks so bad! Of course everyone says that. But really? What the hell happened?

So, you know I will be turned in to my favorite egg head. Dr. Phil
gotta sort this Shit out! Something is not right here.
Until Laterz
Your girl
Schree ♡☆