Holla Peeps! Here’s to wishing you a fantastic Manic Monday! Me? I’m having my first cup of coffee. It’s nice out here! Your girl is out in the back yard. Soaking up some Vitamin D HEYOOOOO!

  Holla! Today I’m very excited to do my first solo show called “The Crystal Claire Effect” Starts TODAY!!  HOLLAAAAAA!!! 3’oclock! Be there hollaaa!! fuck! iT’S bright as hell out here! I’ve got my singlasses on and I can’t do this out here. fuck it. i’LL vlog! Holla SchreeTV! love you guys! Yeah..sunglasses.. I don’t spellcheck you guys. I tried to go back and change that shit but it ain’t happnin. lol Can’t see the curser. (sp)   I just love the desert sun….Until laterz! Vibe with you at 3!