Love Songs

Holla Peeps! Your girl is at the dentist. Blegh! that song “I Hope You Dance”  is playing. That song is one of my favorites. Baby is filling out my paperwork. My love. Still makes my heart skip a beat. #love.  Holla! Speaking of love. Order my single “Love Lullabye” this holiday season for someone you love! I personally sign every CD. Happy holidays from our family to yours. ♡♡♡☆☆♡♡♢♢ MUAH!


Charlie Sheen HIV POSITIVE

Hmmm so, Charlie Sheen has come out as being poz. I’m sure there are many women rushing to get tested! After all, the guy is known for his fucking abilities. Supposedly a very talented man in more ways than one. I wonder if he contacted all of his fuck buddies before the world found out! So, what happens now?  Hopefully Charlie boy will wrap it up from now on. Until Laterz!

Holla Peeps! Happy Manic Monday! Make it a great one! It’s yours! I’m about to start the day with some coffee. Coffee and ID DISCOVERY channel. Dreamed about Aunt Bertie! She was restored in health and was glowing and happy! It was a great dream! I know that she is happy where she is now. Happy with the others who have crossed over, Heaven is for real. Until Laterz!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♤♡♡♡♡♡

Happy Ticklish Tuesday Peeps!

Holla Peeps! Happy Thumping Thursday! Enjoy ♢♢♢ hhmm Baby and I are watching Dr. Drew it’s the Trans child daycare debate. This 6 year old girl has decided to come out as trans at school. 2 teachers wouldn’t go for it and were fired. They refused to call the child by her trans name. I mean if the parents are okay with it I think the school should honor it. Can you imagine the rejection this kid is feeling? Like Run DMC said “it’s tricky” but, we’ll get through it. Until Laterz xoxo 

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