One of the BEST Holidays ever!! :-) #Family

Holla at my girls! Julie K., Theresa, Joann, Tiffany, all my Peeps! Baby and I really had a great Christmas. We hosted Baby’s side of the family. It was awesome! The first time we’d all been at one house for YEARS! Baby’s parents couldn’t have been happier. We kinda made this year about the folks! Married 60+ years! Holla at them right?

19 Christmases with Baby!!! Hollaaaaa!! Holla at the Christmas Spirit all up in the place!

Happy Holidays from Schree and Baby!

Hollaaa Peeps! From your girls! We love you guys! Make it Merry holla! Of course it’s me, Schree writing the blog. Heyoooo! Baby says Hollaaa!
Okay Peeps, last night here on the strip this woman purposely plowed people down. With her fucking car! WTF? And you know what Peeps? I think she’s black! Usually this would definitely be a crazy white boy what the fuck? Her name is Lakeesha or something to that effect. Sisters are making funny moves these days! It was a sister who ran all up on the White House gate! Then the other black chick tried to drive her kids into the ocean. Good Lord! One witness said that it was as if the people were bowling pins flying everywhere!Some people thought at first that it was a movie shoot. Nope. 1 person is dead.
What just came down is that yes she is a black chick gone wild! She said she was very tired. For real? Come on. Home girl drove up on the sidewalk. Hit a bunch of people. Then drove back onto the street. Then, went back onto the sidewalk and hit another bunch of people. She was tired. Shit! Who sleeps while driving on the Las Vegas Strip! What the hell? She might as well just tell the truth. The voices told her to do it. You know what? Schree and Baby for mental health! For real. Just driving over people. 1 person is dead smh. Many critical. Thoughts and prayers. You know people come to Vegas to have the time of their lives, not loose their lives. She has only been in town for 3 weeks.
Well, very merry Christmas to everyone! Kisses!


Tis the season to be jolly! And boy am I that!! This Christmas season feels so good. You know how it is, some years Christmas cheer slides by us. I know for me, that song “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”…The part “If the fates allow”..That part just bums me out! Whenever I hear it I’m like..blegh..

I want to thank those of you who comment! Encourages your girl to keep blogging!

You know Peeps? I am so lucky to have Baby as my spouse. Every year, I fall more and more in love with her. I love her so much. For those of you reading this thining “Oh I will never find my true love”..Trust me, you may/will find love if you are open to love. Love is powerful!

Until Later my loves! Keep those comments coming! Have a sparkly day!
Schree oxoxoxo

Ticklish Tuesday!!!!

HOllaaaaa Peeps!!! I love this time of morning. As most of you guys know from the show, my circadian rythm seems to change yearly, so, lately, it’s been , awake at 4:30 or 5:00..Like clockwork too y’all! I love it though! Since my crystals charge by the light of the moon! HOLLAAAAA CRYSTALS! Crystals really do work I tell ya! Beautiful.

As I type this I am surrounded on all sides by my crystals. To my left I have my big crystal ball. It feels good to smooth my left hand around it, and it feels so beautiful. To my right, my regular sized crystall balls. One is clear, the other is blue. I love them so much. #Fun

Anyway loves..Until Laterz! xoxoxo 

Holla Peeps! Just some random thoughts .

Holla Peeps! Happy Sensual Sunday! Make it a GREAT ONE! IT’S YOURS! ALL DAY! Okay? Holla. Watching #CNN Jimmy Carter announced that he’s cancer free. Hey! Here’s some great news! Baby’s daddy is now officially cancer free! Isn’t that amazing? ¬†Listeners know this but they had given him 2 months to live you guys. 2 month ! ¬†So, there is hope no matter what. Yeah it does totally suck when a loved one dies from the disease, however we all have to be so inspired by the happy endings. Baby and I have lost loved ones to cancer and it’s a bitch. But keep the faith! Seriously, fuck the doctor’s report. Sometimes that in itself causes lack of ease. Disease.¬†

Anyway, on to other news. WTF with ISIS? ¬†I really do believe that what they are doing is going to provoke sn attack from the United States! I mean seriously they can’t possibly think that they can continue on this way.¬†

Ooh! I’m clearing off the dvr. ¬†#abc2020 some chick tried to pay someone to kill her husband. When the cops her he was dead she cried and everything lol. Where the show is leading, ¬†he’s not really dead. Anyway my loves, Baby and I are about to put the Christmas tree up! ¬†HOLLAAAAA!


The Shooting in San Bernardino.

Holla Peeps! I’m watching the news conference right now. This is just totally fucked up. ¬†I’m just learning about this tonight. ¬†I don’t think that this is workplace violence. They can take that mess off the table. ¬†Terrorist muther fuckers. WTF? “Get Out” (Amityville horror style ) ha. For real though just leave you know? Go away. This is getting ridiculous. All the killing. SMH. Well, positive vibes and prayers for the families and friends of the victims. 14 dead. 21 injured. A married couple! They had a baby too! Left with the grandparents. 6 months old. ¬†smh. Poor kid. ¬†Both parents gone. ¬†Idiots!¬†