Holla Peeps! #VEGAS! YOU GOTTA LOVE IT! It’s so awesome when Peeps come to town. One thing my loves, when you get here call me! Time goes by fast in Vegas! Heyooo! ;-)xoxo
I totally missed the SAG AWARDS last night. I am totally a rock person.
Been really working on my fitness! Music video shoot coming out soon! YAAAYYY! IT’S BEEN CAST! AAAND WE have our camera man hollaaaa! NO MORE PANCAKES

Stove Over Yonder

Holla Peeps! Happy Whacked Out Wednesday! Make it a GREAT ONE! It’s YOURS!! HOLLA!

It’s such a beautiful day out here in Vegas. Shout out to our Peeps on the East Coast who are dealing with the weather! Snow is a bitch! It’s so pretty though. I love the fact that we have mountains where it snows. So close, yet, so far away #MountCharleston. Whatchusay? What’s up with the #HASHTAG? lol Like it’s Twitter and junk.

I swear you guys! Your girl is into some rocks! I have so many rocks now! Crystals and stones. And RUNES!
Holla Mitch! 😉 Introduced me to the Runes sooooo long ago. Y’all, would you throw some prayers and thoughts for my friend Mitch? Lyme Disease is a muther fucker! When we go back live I’m totally gowing to raise Lyme Disease awareness. smh. It’s a bitch.

Okay Peeps..I’ve gotta run!! Gonna blog more later. Until then..


17 year old on Dr. Phil stabbed herself. smh

Okay now this is just crazy. #scaredToParent on Twitter..This girl’s mom is afraid of her daughter. Saying she parents out of fear. WTF? Then, she (the girl) tells Dr. Phil that she stabbed herself. In the stomach! OUCH! She says it was a cry for help so to speak. Cry for help? That’s just hard core right there. 17 years old! 2 sisters..Dr. Phil is being real with her. I mean really, why you gotta go stabbing yourself? Whatchusay? Drama?

Jingle Jingo Jingon

Hollaaaa Peepsss!!! !~

Happy Manic Monday! Make it a GREAT ONE! IT’S YOURS! ALL DAY!!! HEYOOOOOO!!! HOLLAAAA BABY’S AWAKE! After all these years she still excites me each and every day. I really wish that love for all of you who want it. xoxoxo Some people out there love being solo, gotta respect that. For those of you playing the field? Enjoy your life! Be safe! HOLLAAAAAA!

Welcome new readers!

I am so stoked about my rock garden Peeps! Gonna post pics!

You guys, I am so stoked! Crystals, rocks. Magick.. I rather like the word “magick”..Metaphysics is so completely far out and for real!! Recognizing energy and spirit all around us. I love my rocks! My Dad always bought me crystals. I didn’t realize their significance until now, and all I can say is “WOW”!


Thank you Daddy!! It’s a connection that we share that is tangible to me and I think that is a very good thing. You know, for all the Peeps out there who has lost someone to the other side. Which I believe is very awesome by the way. Know that they are still with us. Energy changes form, spirit goes on and on.



Until Laterz my loves!

Trophy Kids on Netflix.

Okay Peeps, I watched this doc. Holla documentary nerds! Anyway, it was a really good look at the parents of highly achieving kids. One, a golfer, another twins, tennis pros, blah blah blah. I felt bad for the football kid. He clearly was not into it. lol The tennis twins..if they stick to it I think they’d be great! The basketball kid was interesting too. Reminds me of my little cousin. He plays all over the place! Here, Europe.. My cousin Bonne and her hubby Jeff have done a great job with their kids. Some kids are just born with natural talents, and when they elicit themselves, it is up to the parent to help the kid develop their talents. It’s tough! I love Netflix ha..Netflix and Amazon.com. That’s what I’m talking about 🙂 Anyway, right now Baby and I are hanging out catching up on our shows. Right now it’s “Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars. Sugar Bear makes me laugh. Dude has no game and no teeth and he’s got p*ssy flying everywhere! lmao! Long live Sugar Bear and Mama June!

The DVR is almost full, you know how it is ha! Record EVERYTHING! We’ve been out of town for like 2 weeks! I even went rock hunting! Hey! If you love rocks, this is a dream location for you. #Vegas

Holla at Big Tom (he’s a white guy holla lol.. The name..Tom lol smh…cracks me up…Holla at Canada Lori! Psychic Angela, Michael, Alex, Marianne, Hey! Why is football on? uh uh.. Baby is watching the Playoffs 😉 I know she’s been waiting for this. Shame the boys didn’t make it.

Stop it! Sugar Bear is saying he’s a sex addict lmao lmao! OMG I love this fucking guy. I mean, you don’t look at Sugar Bear and think “playa playa?” 😮

Gonna blog more soon! Hollaaaaa!!! I love my rocks you guys! Aaaand Baby got me Tiger eye Runes and blue snowflake runes! I love love love the Runes! It’s funny how fast you pick it up!

Uh oh! Mama June is having some kind of panic attack! Whatchusay? It’s too much lol…

Until Laterz! xoxo


Happy Sensual Sunday Loved Ones Hollaaa! How about this lottery?

Holla Peeps! Hey! Holla at the lottery! Who can believe? A Billion bucks! WTH? How fun! The largest in history of the game. Long lines coast to coast! People making friends in line..Camping out all night long, it’s crazy! Good luck to all!!


I’m the Golden Globes Red Carpet. I’d better DVR it! J-Lo is presenting. She’s looking all kinds of hawt!


YES I still have the tree up ha! Baby is so wonderful. My love. I’m so blessed and lucky to have her. Holla! Peeps! Order your Schree and Baby mug!

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I love you guys!