WTF? So annoying! I had my blog written and I lost the son of a bitch. You guys your girl has been mining! OMG I fucking love it! Shout out to our friend Jim the miner who introduced it to us. RIP my friend. I know you are mining in Heaven.

Holla at that.

Anyway my loves..
Until Laterz

Christy Brinkley!

Holla Peeps! You know Christy Brinkley is still so amazingly gorgeous. Holla at her! Baby and I love her. How can you not love Christy Brinkley?

How awesome is aging these days? I like it! 😉 With age comes wisdom! Holla! Someone asked me how old I am. I was like “Baby how old am I? Let’s just say that I’m forever 29! That’s it. DONE HA!

You guys we are on a mission! Been getting my fun on. Life’s too precious and short. As my Grandmother Mary Jo always said “enjoy your life!” I am too you guys.

Really stoked to go back live. Thanks for listening everyone! We’re always just a click or show away.

OHHHHHHH We are going to have soooooo much fun.