hello peeps! Hope everybody’s having a great day. Yes I’m still talking into the phone I like it!

I’m having my morning coffee and watching ridiculousness. I love this show!

What the fuck with Brussels man? Can’t we all just have some peace? Live a little bit more love more no need for all this violence. Since I’ve been studying metaphysics I don’t even watch the news anymore. Not only did baby’s daddy tell me the news upsets me but when I watch the news sometimes it fucks my shit up!

I like seeing auras. Double rings around the Moon stuff like that. Watch something on the news about Isis there go the double rings! Like a lot of you out there I can see auras on any shiny surface like when I’m in the car with baby and she has her glasses on I can see aura on the phone or glasses. So awesome!

Like I said on the air I want to see them around people! I don’t know though because that might be creepy and y’all know I do not like funny moves okay!?

Until later my loves!

We miss you too!

hey everybody! I’m in a blogging kind of mood. Like I said I enjoyed it much more just being able to talk into the phone. Okay? Holla.

OMG some of you will be so happy about this you know I said I love my mom I want to get it twisted. I haven’t talked to her in over a year and you know what? My life has been just perfect. Just got to love from a distance. Didn’t want to confuse you guys.

Will be back live for you any day! Thanks for your loyalty and dedication with the archives. S&BLOVE THEIR PEEPS!

Chicken Bones…

Holla Peeps! Here we are midweek the weekend is almost here! Everybody’s going to get their party on love hard play harder Hollaaa!

It’s been hot as hell during the day time in Las Vegas. Like it’s supposed to be 60 degrees but because of song it feels like 150 degrees!

I’m letting baby sleep in. I love her so much. She’s the best she deserves it. I can’t believe that after all these years I still dream about her every night isn’t that crazy? Crazy In Love.

How about Canada’s mayor the crack mayor he is graveyard dead. He gave us so many laughs. Bowling that lady over classic. R I P dude party hardy up there. I heard they got the best crack hahahaha.

Until laterz!
Your girl Schree


jalapeno jalapeno really? I am saying H o L L A. My buddy Bob always uses his voice thing on his phone so like I said yesterday I’m going to just like talk into it and if there are typos please excuse them hollo no better now that’s better. I’m really excited about Theresa and Ronnie’s engagement. I love it when my crew is happy. Makes my day! Baby and I are watching snakes on a plane. Such a good movie! After this we’re going to play chicken foot! Color-coded double nine dominoes! Her mom taught it to us a long time ago like way long. I’m going to do more SchreeTV! I’m glad you guys like it. I just ate some some pickled beets so good! I like to drink the juice! Anyway my loves I’m going to study while I’m watching this movie. Love you guys!