Singer Prince was possibly dead for up to 6 hours before being found!

6 Hours?? What the hail? 😮 Like, did he not have a housekeeper or in this case ‘elevator keeper’? ummmmm…6 hours in an elevator? Sounds fishy to your girl. Anyway. I think that sucks. Great music! Great performer. Something else man. Holla at Prince! Holla at the Purple Rain, and his Little Red Corvette and everything!

Summer Breeze..

Holla Peeps!!! Happy Whacked Out Wednesday! Baby and I are catching up on “Quantico” the TV show. Just started the 2nd episode. The Arab chick is super hot.

I saw a pic of my family back East yesterday! It was nice. My mom looks really good. That puts my mind at ease. She really is a beautiful, strong, passionate woman and despite my rants and raves, I love her with everything I have. She raised me really well!!! And I am grateful for that. #TheMostBeautifulGirlInTheWorld #LoveMyMom

Tomorrow is my as well as my Daddy’s birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! HOLLAAAAA!!!! I know that my father is on the other side having a great time and is fully restored! The ladies chasing him and everything lol. My Daddy…. I miss him. However, I know that he lived a full and fun life. I also believe that he’s with me much of the time. I’m loving my studies! They’ve helped me tremendously!

Clearing off the DVR while Baby runs some errands. Guess what I’m watching? YUP! #DrPhil! 🙂 My favorite egghead.

Until Laterz!! Schree!~ Baby says HOLLAAAA!!! xoxoxo

No longer a smoker of cigarettes!!

Okay Peeps…I’ve quit smoking cigarettes! Again. However, this time is different. God spared me man! I got a second chance! Fuck! Big Ang. We love you girl! RIP.

Cigarettes…I loved my cigarettes! I’m not special. Hell, I know I could start up again when my lung is healed. The doctor said that I burned my left lung pretty bad. He said it may or may not regenerate. You know what I say? The whole dayum thing fixed 🙂 I was born with an underdeveloped left lung. You know back then women smoked all the time while pregnant. Mine was no different. Lots of pics of her smoking with me in there. It’s not her fault. I guess lolol. I was on the born a month early tip!

Hey! The Native smokes (cigarettes) don’t have all those additives. The additives are fucking everyone up! Anyway…what are ya gonna do? Keep on keepin’ on! HOLLAAAAAAA!!!

Gotta give a shout out to all my friends and family. I love y’all!

Until Laterz!

Top Ramen with Soy Sauce on Top!

Holla Peeps!!! Happy Manic Monday! It’s Yours! All day! I’m hanging out on my new laptop!! I love toys 🙂 This thing is awesome! #fun!! It’s so crazy this technology. I mean, do kids today even know how to use a library? The card catalog? Personally, I love libraries! There’s nothing like the feel of pages between your fingers. The library has international newspapers and everything! Some even have theaters!! Knowledge at your fingertips. Pretty soon they’ll be obsolete!

Black Coffee…

Maaaan it was hot as hell out here today! (Vegas) We’re In for a cruel summer holla! #Bananarama hehe. That song was the shiz! Still gets me dancin’! Just so appropriate every year.

I’m watching The Real World. They stayed at the Gold Spike! I mean..just sayin.. *crooked smile*. Holla DOWNTOWN!! My 1 and only visit to the Gold Spike. I had the munchies BAD lol.. We went there and ate at the diner. Funniest fucking thing. Dude was drunk as fuck. Whipped out his pecker and started pissing right there at the counter! That was years ago. A very classic Vegas moment.

Okay…I started this blog last night holla. It’s 8:30am right now. Dayum! It’s hot outside! Already! It’s about to be Africa hot out here in a minute! I always say book your trip to Vegas in the summer! If you can handle the heat you can get some really great deals! I feel like yelling “A NEW Car!” Ha….

Maaan, this pollen has your girl fucked up! You know what I’m talking about. When I first moved out West I developed an allergy to olive pollen. Had to go to the ER in the middle of the night because I couldn’t breathe. This is the first time since that I have to do breathing treatments and an inhaler! Did I spell that right? Anyway..

Happy Thumpin Thursday Peepssss!!!!

YAYAAYYYYYYY!!! I love my new laptop! Thank you my love!! I swear I have the bestest wife on da erff!!! 🙂 HOLLAAAAAAA!!! I got a pair of skates too Peeps! Gotta stay in shape! Hey! We quit smoking cigarettes too! Well, Baby has a month under her! Me? I quit the other day. smh I couldn’t breathe man! Fuck that! Plus, the commercials are pretty awesome! Awesome as far as effectiveness. How about the girl talking into the little hole in the NICU? That’s a great ad. But yeah.. I couldn’t smoke a cigarette right now if I wanted to. I’ve got a cold!! Oooohhh what if I have the flu that kills you! OMGEEE! NO FUNNY MOVES! haaaa.

That WOULD suck! Dying from a dayum flu-bug! NOT HERE! SHOOO-BUG-SHOOO
Until Laterz my loves..


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Myspace Backgrounds

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there!! Yes, including mine. :_) I had a great mother growing up! I wouldn’t change a thing. THanks for having me mom! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

THanks to all the moms out there!!

Got Milk?

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Hollaaaa Peeeepsss!!! I’m actually up cleaning :-)….Your girl has some heart burn!! It SUCKS especially at bed time right? Blegh! See, one of our friends had us over for some good assed food! I was GRUBBING!!

I just got done with the Swiffer Wet Jet! I have to say, one of my favorite Christmas presents this year. It’s really fun! Baby’s asleep…so peacefully…I love her so much. Baby keeps me laughing. My love muffin. 🙂

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Girly Graphics for Myspace
Myspace Layouts & HTML Codes
Myspace Graphics

Girly Graphics for Myspace
Myspace Layouts & HTML Codes
Myspace Graphics