It’s an amazing day! Positive..Not letting pussy assed terrorists mess up my day! Coward Pussy assed Muther Fuckers. !

Hollaaaaa Peepssss!!!! Happy Manic Monday! Yesterday I had a blog started, then I got caught up!! Don’t you love it when that happens? Ha! Or like the other day when I’d written an entire blog and then I HIT the wrong button and my shit DISAPPEARD! I couldn’t remember the code to get the shit back. flushhhh.. Annoying!

Holla! Baby got me a Hohner! A harmonica! Hollaaaaa!!! I love it! Baby, not so much. The sound of the harmonica gives her a headache. Whatchusay? I gotta play when she’s not here? Shoot. I love my harmonica! Good for the lungs too! HOLLAAAAA!!!

#Love….It’s the strongest emotion!! xoxo

All the hate out there! I mean, dayum! I’m not going to let it affect me and my wife! It can too! All the anger and angst out there in the world. People are dying and for what? Why not TRY to get along… #WorldPeace damitt!

I’m working..Hey! Thanks to you guys, my readers, that inspire me to “keep writing” thank you so much! I really appreciate and love each and every one of you! xoxoxoxoxo #FeelingTheLove…..Schree xoxoxo


Hollaaaa Peeps!

It’s June 22nd….Today would have been Aunt Bertie’s birthday! I know she is up there with all the others having a beautiful and eternal time. Happy Birthday Auntie B!!! xoxoxo T!~

Anywho…It’s hot as hell out here in the LV! Whew! Baby got me this slamming juice! It’s cranberry and pomegranate #YUMMY! The perfect blend… 🙂

Right now, I’m getting my #Dateline on HOLLAAA!! lol Gotta clear some stuff off of the DVR! You know what I mean.

Aww man! 50 dead. It WAS 49. Fucking sux. God Bless our Peeps! in Orlando. smdh… #Pulse..xoxo — go to

Budalicious Colorado!

UGH! You know what? I had this whole post done and I fucked up and jit the wrong fucking key! AAAGGGHHHH! Don’t you love it when that happens? I hope you guys are having a great day! Like I said earlier it’s hot as fuck, but, I’m chilling INSIDE 🙂 Okay? I mean, I may ride my bike in a few. And hopefully go to the gym later! Holla at my crew! If any of y’all wanna go to the gym hit me up! 🙂 I love working out. So fun… I’ve actually got my roller skates on right now! HOLLAAAA!!

I’m excited to start with my trainer next week! I’ll keep you updated! I’m so happy Baby for me a trainer that is 24, hot, and ready to snap me into shape!
I will make sure that Baby tapes it for my Instagram!!! HOLLAAAA!!! (stepping in my skates ha!)


Holla Peeps!!! I hope you’re all having an awesome day! SMILE!

I’m getting my vape on Peeps! I had quit for almost a month, but, I started to gain weight! Fuck! lol…Maaan whatever. Since I started back at the gym, I’ve lost 15 pounds so, I’m happy with that. Eating lots of raw veggies and fruit and nuts. Granola too! Baby made pie and I didn’t even want it. Her pies are orgasmically good. But, too much pie makes too much Schree 😉 Holla!

I want to take the time to thank you guys. My readers~! <3 #love #Holla!

Hey! Continued prayers and good vibes to our Peeps in Orlando. #Hugs and #Love to all of you who are personally affected by this tragedy.

Awwww man it’s hot as fuck outside #Vegas #Air #Conditioning!


Woke up this wasn’t a dream…This really sucks. This shit is personal now whatchusay? Good God Almighty! (we say that on my mom’s side of the family 🙂 But see…smh…this shit is fucking personal now! smh smh smh.

It’s nice to see that Orlando PD is doing a good job of voraciously going after the mutherfuckers who did this. ISIS is a hemorrhoid in the asshole of humanity. Okay?

Whaatt? Dude was trolling the web befriending Transgender Women…CREEPY!

Dude had a TV Producer on the phone! Matt.

He just said he did it for ISIS. What a dumbass. smh

We’re with you Orlando!

Love you guys!
Until Laterz


Hollaaaa Peeeepsss!!! FIRST OF ALL .. We would like to express our deepest condolences for the families and friends of the victims of today’s shooting. That so sucks. Holla Orlando! Schree and Baby sending you love from Vegas! xoxoxo #love

Just got back from up on the mountain, and I JUST heard about this. So fucked up.

In a gay nightclub too! Whaaatchusay? That ain’t right!

Until Laterz my loves,

Donald Trump… :-o

Hollaaaa Peeps!! Happy Ticklish Tuesday! Make it a GREAT ONE! IT’S YOURS!! I’m STILL on my way to the gym. Haha… Don’t you just love that part? I’m still drinking coffee!

Oh well look at Donald Trump! He IS the Republican nominee! Pretty much! How many of us thought it would just be a horse and pony show? Here dude is sitting on top. HHhhmmm… I wonder what that would mean for us gays? Hopefully he won’t fuck that up!!

Okay my loves…I’ve got to head out! xoxoxoxo



Hollaaa Peeps!!! Happy Sensual Sunday! Baby and I are FINALLY watching “The Revenant” with Leo DiCaprio. Maaaan, it’s cold as fuck. I feel it! lol Shit!
M-Geezy just got here Peeps.