Somewhere Out There…

Hmmmmm watching #Netflix. Unsealed Alien Files..Episode 13..Presidential alien encounters. Nixon, Jefferson, Washington. Well, you all know how I feel about it. I think it’s really arrogant NOT to believe other life forms out there in the universe. Reagan (as governor), Carter..This show is pretty kewl!

oohh it’s getting good now! xoxoxo
Schree xoxoxoxo

Electronic Battleship…

Hollaaaa Peeps!!! Happy Sexy Saturday! Gotta love Saturdays! Hope you’re all having a great one. Holla at YOUUUUU!

Okay, so I didn’t get to the gym yesterday. Which means I have to work extra hard today. I’m watching last night’s Dateline..Actually I’m playing #Sudoku!! Y’all know I love my games. Sudoku makes me feel as though I’m accomplishing something, because, I don’t like numbers. Plus, it works both sides of the brain! Okaaayyy?? My book has Easy, Medium, and hard, so, you can start with the easy ones. I LOVE the easy ones lol..

I have to thank my wonderful wife! You guys, my collections are so awesome! #LOVEMETAPHYSICS It’s a lot of study too! #respect All I can say is “far out”..

Your girl,

Special thanks to my wife..I love you more and more each day my love…

A Fly In My Soup!!

Oh good Lord with this campaign lol…I’m loving it! Well, Hillary is really boring. Her trying to jab back didn’t work. She’s above that. Love #Trump…but he lives his life a certain way and he WILL tell you where the rubber hits the road. I like that. He’s gonna leave us alone (gays)..Now the big deal is these emails and Trump saying that he would basically try to get along with Russia. Hey! The guy’s got connections! #TRUMP …. How long are we going to be at war? I mean, these terrorists have kids with guns! We all want our troops home YESTERDAY! We love our troops holla! xoxo <3 #love I also like that the gloves are coming off.. We are not pussies here in the USA so WATCH IT! Love Obama but I cannot wait until he's out of office. Sexy as hell now! Don't get it twisted. He's so full of #Love..Barack.. #Trump is tough. We need TOUGH! Not so emotional. Putin has NO emotion! Hate maybe! Perhaps #Trump can change the man. Or, have him whacked if he needed it! Hey! Turn over those emails, if we find out Putin did this what will Obama do? tens of thousands of emails hmm.. That IS a lot of fucking emails lol...ooohhh what if Hillary was having email "relations" with the egghead haaaaa... Find the emails! I'm curious now! Until Laterz Peeps 😉 Schree


Holla Peeps!!! Happy Hump Day! First of all THANK YOU MY LOVE MUFFIN! Baby recorded last night for your girl! Holla America Fererra (sp) She’s Kenyan! Wow! I thought she was Hispanic all these years! Not that there’s anything wrong with that holla! (That’s from #Seinfeld right?) Holla!

LOL watching this convention. Working and playing this Game! 🙂

I’m on TWITTER right now my loves…holla at YOU!

xoxoxo <3 <3 <3

Flight MH370…A Suicide Mission!!

Okay this is CRAZY! Why the hell would ANYBODY in their right mind blow themselves up? smdh Shit! If you want to destroy yourselves, that’s on you! Leave the USA and our ALLIES ALONE! So fucking creepy! That’s the plane that we looked for for the longest time. I’m sure you remember. An act of terrorism. You know what? They need some rose quartz okay? Holla…

Baby is making homemade iced cream!

Your girl is not having iced cream thank you 😉 Too much iced cream, too much Schree okay? holla..I am eating veggies and fruit and nuts. blackberries! Aw so fucking good. Baby made orange sherbert for me ain’t she sweet? I can eat orange sherbert right? Is that iced cream? naahhh..sherbert’s good. Small portions.

My pink crystal ball came in the other day! OMG! SOOOOOO AWESOME! I’ll have to take a picture of all of them for you! OMG my collection! YAAAYYYY!!! I’ll take some pics and put them up! I love crystals… It’s kind of a hobby that I know I would have shared with him. RIP Daddy.. no screw that LIVE IT UP DADDY! Because they are straight chillin having a good time 27/7. So, don’t worry! Be happy! Oh wait..was that plagiarism ?? lol

Muah! Until Laterz!
love my readers!

Donald Trump and his speech!

Holla Peeps!! Donald Trump’s speech last night was inspiring! “Make America great Again”!! We saw a much more Presidential side of him. LGBT(Q) The “Q” stands for “questioning”, or “Queer”. See, he shouldn’t have said that. I mean, I’ve been with Baby over 20 years, and, we have yet to have been called “Queer”… I haven’t checked the news yet, however, I think he will clear it up. Queer..Come on now, what is this? 1950? I’m good with “gay” or “Lesbian”. You know, transgender. I was taken aback when he said LBGTQ.. Somebody call me queer, or, dyke to my face and we gonna have some issues! Other than that, I think Trump nailed it! You go boy! Gonna go make a cup of coffee and catch up!

Oh! By the way….
Your friend and happy host,
Schree xoxoxo <3

The Republican National Convention..

Holla Peeps! You guys know I’m not usually into politics, however, I’m digging tonight’s Convention. We can’t wait to see Melania Trump to speak. She’s great to look at, but, you sure have to listen carefully! That accent. That’s alright. She’s so gorgeous all he needs to show up with her and the world will be eating out of our hands. xoxoxo


Well, TRUMP is making history! Look at him go! He’s the man of the hour! Make America Safe again! As my dear friend Diane Wertz would say “Bring Humanity Back”.. I miss you my friend. RIP I think about you every day xoxoxo <3 Cervical Cancer...Get your box checked ladies! I promised her I would spread the word!! xoxoxo Schree #love