I know you are, but, what am I?

This seems to be the way Peeps! Politics.. I always found it kind of boring until this one here…This one’s more awesome than the Obama campaigning back in the day. I think Obama did the best he could with what he had. Period. I mean, I can’t imagine what that was like! But, holla at Hillary! Taking on the Donald with full force.. (well, as hard as Hillary Clinton can be). I admire her for stepping up and taking charge. At the same time, you can’t help but sit down with your Peep and break out into Miss Mary Mack! Okaaayyy? Hey! I have a jump rope and skate board. We can even play with legos holla…I mean come on kids…At this point I think most people know who they are voting for.

TRUMP … A real candidate! I mean, that’s the way I feel! I think he wants Americans to WIN! I love that. Old Washington Politics is so old.. I think whoever wins will do their best. THAT I BELIEVE.

Holla! What the fuck with these emails? I mean dayum! lol According to Trump, there are more! Love him lol… NO I do not believe he needs the codes lol..Maybe a “buddy” or something okaayyy? Because my man is quick to fire. Yeah..a buddy for sure. We gotta get the “buddy” from the Pentagon! Holla! I think that he would settle in nicely and go straight to work! NO BREAKS! He’s a mover and a shaker…I learned that from my father. He said that Lewis’s were movers and shakers. Love it! You, reading this now, YOU are a mover and shaker! You can do anything you want to here in the USA! Also, saying that Trump id a racist dude..NOT TRUE.. He’s not a racist. He may lack the vernacular most want. He’s a New Yorker! He says it the way he sees it. I’m attracted to that. The Political part? Hey! It’s a toss….We’ll see what happens. I’ve got to catch up on all the shit. Baby took me on a beautiful mini vaca!

Holla Canada Lori! Alex! Michael! The crew….We’ll be back live very soon. Like I said..It will be SO WORTH THE WAIT!…Psychic Angela…girl…smh..FAR OUT is what I will always say..I felt a tremor and even posted about an earthquake, now, the quake in Italy. I’ve been studying my ass off Peeps! I’ve learned so much! OMG! I can’t wait. I’m also launching a new business for meeeeee!!! 🙂 I’m so excited! I’m always excited! I’m excited about every sunrise!!

On behalf of my very dear sister friend #DianeWertzLives who passed away from cervical cancer. As she would say “GET YOUE BOXES CHECKED!” Ladies, my dear friend didn’t go. As so many of us do. She said that it’s really bad when you get cancer. Diane Wertz..remember her name! She was fucking awesome!! And is today! Death is just a part of life. Yes we will grieve and cry, but, on the other side they are so chillin’. I believe that we’re all 33 over there (Heaven)..Whenever I dream about my Daddy he’s so young and handsome. If you’re on my FB you’ve seen them. Also here on the site. I miss my father, and I know that he lives. They all do! That’s some good assed news!

Until later my loves…

xoxox Schree

Big Head Small Body…

Whoa thoughts and prayers to the people of Baton Rouge, La! It’s like..”First Katrina and now this?” People are losing EVERYTHING….That fucking sux. It’s WILD!
(1-800 RED Cross) in case you wanna donate!


Smokey Quartz

Hollaaaa Peeeepssss!! It’s hot as fuck outside! Holla Las Vegas! Hope you’re good wherever you are..Welcome to my blog.. Regulars! Hollaaaaa!!! Thanks for the support! That’s really kool of you all! MUAH!


Schree (Your friend and happy host!!)

I Love you Baby!!! You’re my heart..my soul…

Latchet Hook!

Holla Peeps! Hey! To my ladies! Don’t forget to get your boxes checked! In honor of my dear friend #DianeWertz She asked me to spread the word, please tell the women in your life! Hey! I’m getting my first mammogram EVER! AAAGGGHHHHHHH!! My girls are full these days. Went to the gyno. My gyno is kool as shit! Y’all know I have to hold Baby’s hand lol… Holla Peeps! Whatchusay, now I have a crystal ball for every outfit? Right now I have my rubbers on my feet! They weigh like 10 pounds together! I’m like HOLLAAAA ANKLE WEIGHTS AND KOOL LOOKING! I love my rubbers man. I’ll ask Baby where she got them! They are the koolest boots EVER!
Until Laterz my loves..
Your girl


Violet Roses…

Holla Peeps!!! Happy Weekend!! Have fun! Love hard! xoxo Party harder! 😉


I swear I cannot get enough #AlphaDog!! You guys know it’s one of my favs, but the kid who gets killed, got killed! smh..freak accident. His car crushed him..his folks are suing. smh. His car was do for recall.. Some kind of Jeep. It would just kick in to neutral. Something like that. Anyway, sadly it’s a true story. “Alpha Dog”…If you haven’t seen it, check I t out! Justin Timberlake is in it..sexy ass..You know he has a huge cock. holla at him!


My girl Sheryl called it out on my FB page lol…Love you girl! Love all you Peeps out there who ride with us! We love y’all!

Oh! Haaahaaa I love the part in “Alpha Dog” where dude takes a shit on “Truelove’s” carpet lol..So gross but soo funny.

Okay Peeps..Going out for #DateNight with Baby hollaaa!! #Fun
Until Laterz,

Alpha Dog…star crushed by car that was recalled!

Okay, I am watching this movie for the second time today. I love that movie. But yeah! The kid that played Zach. This kid had a great career ahead of him. Fucking sucks right? Freak accident. The car popped out of gear cause of a fluke. Well, it (the car) crushed “Zach”….I love his brother in this movie. love Bruce willis! And Emilio..in the movie he played “Johnny Truelove”. Brilliantly acted.

Okay, Baby just got home. She said she’s going upstairs if I make her watch it. She’s like “That’s a depressing show!” lolol

We’re catching up of the #Olympics HOLLAAAAA!!! GO PHELPS! It’s DVR’d so I’ll do some SchreeTV! Coverage ha 😉