Hollaaaa Peeps! ♡ HAPPY Manic Monday !

Hollaaaa Peeps! ♡ hope everybody had a great weekend! if not,f*** it.oh I guess this automatic phone thing doesn’t print out the cuss words s*** f*** mother f***** aww man! that’s no fun!

well I’m sure it’s better for someones ears haha.I’m actually working and studying. always studying. on your mind listeners OMG!We love you guys xoxo Remember what Psychic Angela said. She was so on point! ♡ ♡

Hollaaaa Michael DJ Mikey you are awesome! ♡

to all my friends and my family and my friends who are my family LOL! no seriously to all y’all take it easy I’m so excited because next week comes M-Geezy I’ll put pictures up how long no not how long. holla!Fuck it. May as well just type the shit okaaayyy whatever.

Isis socks ass.
until later y’all Muah!


When we go back live, we’re having “Win A Date With” I can’t wait. So, if you’re single and in Vegas..hit me/us up! We got a hot chick the other day! How about this. She kinda looks like my sister Heather Chadwell.. Now you guys know how hot Heather is. No worries.. Baby and I will be on the date too! This is gonna be so fucking classic.

I’m finding myself engrossed in my studies. I’ve gone through around…25 books. Still have to study more. A special thanks to Baby for supporting me. You know that shit is strange to my girl. Gotta love Southern Baptists haaaa… The book I just started today was written by a wwoman who was Roman Catholic. Roman Catholic like me! I’m used to Catholic Guilt, so, it’s kool. I have to learn as much as I can about being a psychic person. For some reason I gravitated toward crystals. As you already know.


Well Peeps Baby and I are about to check out some new shows that I taped. 🙂 xoxo I will write more later!


Thunderstruck Weekend!!

Holla Peeps!!! I swear we love you guys. OYM Peeps are AWESOME! Holla at my girls KP and KP LOL TOOOOO FUNNY! They have the same initials! Now THAT’S fucking kewl.

Trump/Clinton the EMAILS .. WOW! ole girl must have fucked up royally deleting them. DUH! Can’t they just get the emails, tell us what’s in there. (Hey! These are hard times! Plus, we’re nosey right? haha Child please with these emails.

Don’t even get me started with this ISIS! WTF? Take a nap or something! They’re all just in a bad mood. GET OVER IT DAYUM! So stupid…killing yourself and others for what? smh. I don’t give a fuck. Okay #Bridgend … Have you seen it yet? If not check it out! #Netflix … I love me some Netflix! lol #DocumentaryNerd