HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!! From both Me and Baby!! Ooohhhh #Dennys Pumpkin Pancakes!!! I want some! So fucking good. Not for your waste line though! You guys know I love pancakes HOLLAAAA!!

I’m watching #HALLOWEEN!! HOLLAAA!!! 1963! Daaayummm…Never gets old right? I love Halloween! I remember the loop in Wilmington, De. #GoodTimes…OOohh Michael Meyers is so damned creepy! Oh Lord. He just stabbed his sister to death. lol His dad’s like “Michael?” then they all just stand there…ok now 1978.. I love Dr. Loomis ..he’s funny!


#Halloween “The Boogy Man! The Boogy man. Did I spell that right? Well, I know that you get my drift holla.
Until laterz! Can’t wait to go trick or treating! Then giving out a grip of candy! Hollaaaa!!!

Your girl..

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Donald Trump…A new kind of President?

Hollaaaa Peeps!!! This election is KRAZY! Clinton/Trump… Great entertainment right? Her and her smile and him with his prissy hands (that cracks me up)! Well, that’s it! Hmmm..It almost feels like a “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t kind of situation okaayy???
Anyway, The Trumpster! He can do it!!

Anyway, I’m taking a break from my studies to watch “HeavenIsForReal”.. I figure I should watch it so I can clear it off the DVR… We saw it at the movies, but, I fell asleep.. ha

Going to watch it! Follow me and Baby on Twitter hollaaa!! 🙂


Your girl.. Schree hollaaaa Baby says holla everyone!

xoxo <3 I'll write more laterz!

Say What?

Trump is about to speak. WTF? We all know that Donald Trump has been part of Pop-Culture these days. Am I offended by him? No…Please. Locker room talk is exactly what it is. He gave us a lot of entertainment. But down to his core he is a man who knows about deals. Many people don’t want to admit that the office of President is ALL about making deals. What does he want? For America to be a place where every American can go entrepreneurial! What’s your passion? Go for it! Take breaks but never quit!!! I find him charming lol.. Really! There is something about the guy that makes you stop and listen. Come on.. “The Art of the Deal”….The United States of America needs someone who can get us (USA) out of the hell that we are going through now my loves. And you know what? Sorry to say, well not really, but, it’s the truth. When we women are not around, guys DO talk trash. They are MEN brrr duh…